What is a Gum Stimulator, Purpose and Usage Instructions?

Gum Stimulator Purpose and Usage Instructions

What is a gum stimulator?

Gum stimulators are dental tools designed specifically to clean the area along the gum line, a feat that is a hassle with an ordinary toothbrush. Gum stimulators are simple, easy to find, very convenient-to-use, and effective. It is a silicon or rubber tip mounted at the end of a metal handle.

The tips are removable and reattach able so you do not need to purchase a new stimulator every time. Just get a new tip. The tips typically need to be replaced after three months of continuous use. A gum stimulator is particularly effective for patients who complain about gum infections, pain, or gingivitis.

How does a gum stimulator work?

A gum stimulator is made for stimulating and massaging the gums so that blood flow can be improved. In doing so, the stimulator also helps remove plaque that gathers along with the gum, with time. Before a gum stimulator is used, you should thoroughly brush your teeth. This removes the majority of the debris from around the teeth.


Gum Stimulator


A gum stimulator is then used to brush gently along the gums. The massage involves gentle circular motions at the edge of your gums, on either side of the teeth. The stimulator is then moved along the gum line where the surface of the teeth starts. Brushing gently at this place will also remove plaque.

While massaging your gums in this manner, frequently rinse your mouth with water. This is to remove the loosened plaque. In order to maintain hygiene, do not let your stimulator lie around between uses. Keep it soaked in a solution of 1/3rd water and 2/3rd hydrogen peroxide.

Can gum stimulators improve jawbone health?

Yes, indeed. Gum stimulators help prevent jawbone loss of their strength to gum disease. It also eliminates the need for bone grafting once you have developed gum disease. It does so by keeping the gums nourished and healthy.

Benefits of using a gum stimulator regularly

  • The primary purpose of a regular gum massage is to improve blood circulation in the gum tissue. This is necessary so that the gum cells constantly receive nutrient-rich blood. Nutrition is essential for gum tissue in order to kill germs, fight diseases, and stay healthy.
  • Increasing oxygen-rich blood flow in the gums plays a role in killing anaerobic bacteria. Such germs grow rapidly in areas with limited oxygen supply so the additional oxygen does not support their growth.
  • In the case of gum diseases like periodontal disease, regular gum stimulation works as an effective cure. The massage loosens plaque around the gums and thereby helps in such conditions.

When is a gum stimulator necessary to use?

Under normal circumstances, regularly brushing and flossing your teeth should be enough for maintaining good oral hygiene. Unless you suffer from periodontitis, gum stimulators are not needed. Usually, if deemed necessary your dentist will recommend you to use one.


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