How Do You Find a Good Cosmetic Dentist?

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We hate to tell you that choosing a good cosmetic dentist is not an easy task. In this particular field, most patients do not know that cosmetic dentistry is considered a separate area of practice. As a patient, you must be very decisive about what work you need to have done on your teeth in order to find the right specialist for the job. If you need to do some extra whitening and polishing to your teeth while you’re already undergoing treatment, then your regular dentist can help you with that. If, however, you intend to go for a complete makeover, you must find a very good cosmetic dentist to do the job. Read through our article to know how to find a good cosmetic dentist.

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The Price Is an Indication of Quality

There are certain factors that a patient needs to consider before choosing a good cosmetic dentist. In this niche profession, a cosmetic dentist is more like an artist; we all know that good quality, tasteful art is costly. Those cosmetic dentists who are highly skilled and qualified tend to offer expensive treatments that many patients may not be able to afford. However, the good news is that most cosmetic dentists may offer options for treatment that can work for a patient’s budget, as well as provide payment plans.

Social Media and Referrals

Most doctors who work in the field of cosmetic treatment, usually have a strong presence on social media platforms. Good cosmetic dentists will definitely promote themselves on social media by presenting models and photos of their work including before and after pictures, and related information about the material they use and the treatments they offer for patients. If the cosmetic dentist you chose is on social media, it’s going to be easy to find other patients who were treated by them and maybe even find some useful reviews to help you with your decision. Ask friends, family, or work colleagues to refer you to someone trustworthy who has treated them or other people they know. Check their website, websites on cosmetic doctors in general, pictures, and advertising materials used in order to get a better idea of who you’re going to be dealing with.

Utilization of Quality Materials

In the world of cosmetic professions in general, accreditations, experience, and expertise are highly recognized, but one of the profound factors that must shape your choice of a cosmetic dentist has to be the quality of materials used. Considering the quality of materials as one of the fundamental elements in making your decision will directly impact the cost. As recommended by Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Arthur Glosman, having a cosmetic procedure has to be a life-changing experience. The recovery and maintenance process is a substantial part of the procedure to ensure optimal dental health.

Certifications and Accreditations

Liability and trust are things a patient should be closely looking into when choosing a cosmetic dentist.  The authorization body that offers accreditations for cosmetic dentists in the US and Canada is the AACD – the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Make sure that your cosmetic dentist is not just a member of the AACD, but also an accredited one. The process of accreditation is a rigorous and extensive one; AACD accreditation requires at least five years for any dentist to complete. This demonstrates that any accredited cosmetic dentist would have made it through high-level education, developing exceptional skills and experience. If your dentist has achieved the AACD accreditation that means you’re in the hands of a skillful dentist and an expert in the field.

Consultation and Comfort

The consultation session is a very important step. You need to take your time and ask as many questions as you can. To achieve the results you wish for, you need to communicate all your fears and worries to your dentist. Make sure you comprehensively explain the reasons behind your visit and the results you want at the end of the procedure. Feeling comfortable is another factor to consider. If it feels right, then it quite probably means you’re in good hands; if anything makes you feel agitated, then probably you’re in the wrong place.

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Dental services have always been expensive, but the cost should reflect quality and experience.

To select the right cosmetic dentist, there are important elements that you must consider for an optimal experience and satisfying results. To ensure that you’re in good hands, ask if your dentist is accredited and inquire into their experience. Cosmetic dentistry requires the completion of a number of rigorous tests in order to be accredited and certified. A dentist who invested in high-level education like the AACD accreditation must be an exceptional one. If you decide to undergo a dental cosmetic procedure for any reason, you should know that it may cost a fortune; looking for cheaper alternatives is not the right thing to do. Dental care is a critical process and as such, you need to take your time in consultations to reach rewarding results.


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