How Long after Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Vape?

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How long after wisdom teeth removal can I vape

The wisdom tooth appears at the age between 17 and 25. In some people it appears normally and aligned with other morals. The pain of wisdom tooth removal has no comparison with other pain. Wisdom tooth extraction is the process of fixing the problems of the last molar set. It takes about three days or more than a week to recover from the wisdom tooth surgery. The wisdom tooth removal causes severe pain after the anesthetic effect is gone off

Also get to know about what is the wisdom tooth in actual?

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Normally, if it comes without any disturbance, then there is no need for removal. But the dentist suggests that patients need to remove their wisdom teeth under the following conditions:

  • When you are suffering from previous gum diseases before the tooth appears. In such a case you have to remove your wisdom tooth
  • Sometimes the mouth is over-crowded, and there is no place for this tooth. In this case, it starts disturbing other teeth and causes pain. So in this situation, the wisdom tooth should be removed
  • Infection occurs in the soft tissues that are present behind the lower last tooth. This also needs the rise of removal.

Smoking and Vape

Vape after Wisdom Tooth Removal

The dentist strongly prohibited the use of cigarettes and vape after the tooth extraction, bone grafting, and sinus lift. They told the patient to use a straw and avoid smoking. 

This is very difficult not only for chain smokers but ordinary smokers to quit smoking for a few hours. There is a good number of smokers that quit towards vaping for quitting smoking.  

Why is vape and cigarettes prohibited after wisdom tooth removal?

When a tooth is removed, an empty hole is left behind. This hole was then quickly filled with a blood clot. This clot prevents the attack of germs and dirt that cause infection. This clot also protects the coming fibroblast. This clot is helpful in healing and saves you from pain.

Smoking after Wisdom teeth removal

When sucking occurs during smoking, it pulls the clot from the site. It results in a dry socket which increases the chance of infection, as sucking dislodges or removes the clot from its site. In addition to infection, it also increases healing and pain. The nicotine itself is a toxic substance. It increases the healing time to double or triple.

Vape also known as e-cigarette is different from the cigarette as it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like cigarettes that delay the time of healing. The only concern is sucking which causes the removal of the clot. Dentists recommend avoiding the use of vape for three days after wisdom tooth extraction. Otherwise, slow or small sucking can be done by some patients who are unable to do self-control in smoking.

Vaping and Oral Surgery

There is a way that is not convincing, but it is for those who are unable to do self-control. Cut and fold a small sheet of gauze. Place it on the site of extraction and vape. Carry it with plenty of space between the mouthpiece and on the side. Then breathe in normally for vape.

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