How Long Do Braces Take To Straighten Teeth?

How Long Do Braces Take To Straighten Teeth in 2020

Teeth-straightening is the dental procedure of gently pushing teeth into their proper alignment if they are not aligned. The most effective and popularly used method to straighten teeth in this way is to use dental braces; these include both traditional metal braces and present-day technology of clear braces. Braces work by gently shifting teeth into place by applying constant pressure.

How long do braces take to straighten teeth?

Straightening teeth is a time-consuming process because only gentle pressure can be safely applied. The time it will take for a patient’s teeth to be completely and perfectly aligned varies from patient to patient. It usually takes between 6 months and 2 years but your orthodontist can give you a more accurate estimate of how long it will take, depending on several factors.

What are the factors determining the time it takes for braces to align teeth?


In general terms, it is often the case that an adult’s set of teeth take longer to align themselves with braces than do teens’ or children’s. This is because by adulthood, the gums have gained their shape, and teeth are more firmly held in place, whereas in children and teenagers, the gum and jawbone is still developing and thus it takes less time to change the alignment of teeth.

Severity of the case

It also depends on how much shifting is needed to perfectly align the teeth. If it is a mild case of spacing or crowding, it will not take as long as it could in more severe cases.

Type of therapy used

All patients who opt for braces to solve their dental problem of unaligned teeth have to then choose between using metal, ceramic and clear braces. The type of treatment you go for will also influence the time it will take for complete treatment. Ceramic braces, although appear better than metal braces, take longer. They need at least a year and a half to align the teeth while traditional metal braces, being more robust and strong, can take less than a year in mild cases.

Patient input

It is also necessary for the patient to comply with is orthodontist’s instruction in order to achieve a speedy recovery. To ensure that your treatment does not take longer than absolutely necessary, you need to keep up with your dental appointments, maintain good oral hygiene, and use the appliances recommended by your orthodontist.

Why do braces take this long?

This process is time-consuming because your teeth are set firmly in your jawbone. To move the teeth from their original place, the jawbone structure needs to change slightly. In order to move your teeth from their place, gentle force is needed, otherwise, your teeth can get damaged or the process will cause too much pain.

In conclusion, the time needed to align teeth using braces varies across patients but in general, it does take longer because you are altering the original structure of your mouth. You can, however, reduce the time needed by following given instructions and taking good care of your teeth!


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