How Long Do Crowns Last on Front Teeth?

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How Long Do Crowns Last on Front Teeth?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped crowns that are placed over the original teeth to either protect them from damage if they are at risk of wear and tear or to enhance the appearance of the teeth. You may need a tooth crown to be placed over your teeth if they are broken, damaged or happen to have a failed dental implant.

Crowns can last for long periods if not damaged or broken. It is usually the use of the teeth that determines how long they can last.

How long do crowns last on the front teeth?

It is necessary to take notice of damage to dental crowns to avoid further harm to an already damaged original tooth. It has been estimated, that on average, the front teeth crown can last for up to fifteen years. Also, most dental cover insurance providers will repair dental crowns without payment after five years of installation.

This information, however, is not conclusive, and crowns can even last a lifetime if good care is taken.

Their lifespan can also be reduced by lack of care. Just like your original teeth, crowns are affected by cavities and fractures. So, take good care of them just like you are required to care for your natural teeth. Extra care is also needed for the crown while brushing or flossing to avoid damage to the crowned tooth.

The front teeth are used to bite into food. If care is not taken to avoid biting food that is too hard with the crowned front tooth, the crown might get damaged.

  • How long do porcelain crowns last on front teeth?

A porcelain crown is the type of crown that is closest to natural teeth. This type of crown can last as long as you allow it to, and with good care, it can also last for around 25 to 30 years. Porcelain crowns usually last for 5-15 years, but it is actually your lifestyle that determines the lifespan of your front teeth porcelain crown.

How long do porcelain crowns last on front teeth

If you are involved in sport, you might need a mouth guard to avoid damage. Your oral hygiene and mouth-related habits also influence its longevity.

  • How can you increase the lifespan of a porcelain crown on the front teeth?

Here is what you need to do to make sure that your crown lasts long.

How can you increase the lifespan of a porcelain crown on the front teeth

  1. Avoid using crowned teeth as a tool to open things like bottles or packaging, biting fingernails with you crowned front teeth, chewing hard objects like ice or pen caps. These habits can cause serious damage to your crown and make repair necessary.
  2. Keep good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth regularly and floss daily. Take particular care when cleaning around the crown, with the jawline, in particular, to avoid food getting stuck there and causing plaque. This could damage your natural tooth under the crown, as well.
  3. Make sure to avoid grinding or clenching your teeth as this can cause the porcelain crown to chip off or crack. In the case of patients with bruxism (unintentional grinding or clenching of teeth), they are recommended to use a bespeak mouth guard.
  4. Make regular visits to your dentist for a checkup and cleaning. The crown will be checked for any cavity, the gap between the crown and the natural tooth, decay or trauma.

Thus, it is actually the amount of care and attention you give to your newly crowned teeth that determines how long it can last. With good care, you can make dental crowns last as long as you wish. On the other hand, irresponsibility about the care of dental crowns can lead to speeding up the process of wear and tear.


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How long do Dental crowns Last on Front Teeth?




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