How Long Do Crowns Last

How Long Do Crowns Last

Dental crown

Crowning is a process in which a severely damaged tooth is covered with the cap known as a dental crown. The main purpose of the dental crown is to restore the function and appearance of the tooth so a person can again enjoy eating.

But the question is if this cap is permanent or temporary? Another question arises in mind that if it is temporary then how long do crown last? What is the average life span of this cap? Can life be elongated with extra care? And what are the reasons due to which the crown gets damaged? The answer to all your queries is discussed below. Let’s find the reason for the replacement of the crown. Type of crowns that last for a long period of time and tips to prolong the life of the crown.

Reasons To Get A Crown

Poor Oral Health

It is obvious if we don’t care for the tooth it will get damaged. The same is the case with the cap, the poor oral hygiene will lead to the growth of bacteria and debris that will ultimately result in tooth decay. To prevent decay there is a need to have dental crowning.

Poor Quality Crown

Studies have revealed that poor quality porcelain will also be damaged soon. It reduces its life. If we ask the dentist about how long do porcelain crowns usually last his answer will be, 10 to 15 years on average but because of poor hygiene and substandard crown, it may last for few years maybe three to five years.

Few other reasons why you should need crowning

  • Improvement in discolored tooth
  • Protection of root canal and dental implant
  • To hold a dental bridge and cracked tooth.

These are a few reasons for which you need to replace the crown or add the new crown. Now the main thing is how long do crowns last? Well, it depends on various factors. The life of the crown depends on the type of material your dentist uses, quality, and the condition for which crowning is required.


Dental Crowns

Types of Dental Crown

The dental crowns are differentiated into two main categories. One is based on the usage while the other is based on the material of the crown. According to the type we can get to know how long do tooth crown lasts. Let’s first know about the types of these crowns and their life spans.

Types According To Usage

There are two types. One is permanent other one is temporary crowns. If you want to know how long do temporary crowns last then the obvious answer is only a few weeks, maybe less than a month or a maximum of two months. The life of such crowns is far less than a permanent one. Temporary crowns are inexpensive and mainly designed to protect the damaged teeth until the permanent type is designed. These are made with acrylic or certain metals.

Permanent crowns are prepared by taking the shape of the patient’s teeth so the crown properly adheres to space. These are made from metal like gold, zirconia, and ceramic materials. These are quite durable and have a varying life from five years up to thirty years. Few permanent crowns can stay on teeth throughout life.

Types Based on Material

Types of dental crown fitting depend on the condition of your tooth. A dentist decides about the suitable material required according to the patient’s condition. There are two main categories of a dental crown. These include

  • Gold crowns
  • White crowns

Both are good in functionality and last for about 10 to 15 years. Yet there exists a difference between these two types.

Gold crowns

Gold crowns are the all-metal type made of the gold alloy. These are popular because of durability as they can withstand chewing and biting. Plus, these do not affect the neighboring teeth. They are tough and robust. If you are thinking how long do gold crowns last then the answer to it very promising Crown made from gold last for a lifetime. With proper care, the tooth will never lead to the hassle of replacement again. On average it’s last for about 20 years.

Gold Crowns cannot be fitted in front teeth because they can appear very ugly, the only drawback they have. They are usually preferred for morals as they get out of sight and help in chewing.

White crowns

White crowns are formulated with various materials. The popular types that most dentists prefer because of their longevity and good chewing properties are.

  • Porcelain crowns

Porcelain is known as a cosmetic crown because the translucency makes it a good option to be placed on front teeth. These are white crowns and somewhat less durable as compared to gold ones. For this reason, they are not considered ideal for placement on molars or on the back tooth.

  • PFM crowns

PFM crowns are also known as white crowns and formulated with a combination of ceramic and metal material. The tooth is covered with a metallic shell and protected by a coating of a porcelain veneer. This gives a natural appeal to the tooth and it shines like an original one. These crowns are durable as compared to simple porcelain crowns.

If someone is concerned and wants to know how long ceramic crowns do last then you can easily make a comparison. Simple porcelain’s life is about 5 to 10 years while PFM is extraordinarily high strength in nature and can be a companion for your tooth for a whole life.

Gold crowns are a suitable option to decide from these three main types of dental crowns if one is looking for a long-lasting investment. The porcelain white shiny crowns better for beauty and appeal is a top priority.

How Long Do Crowns Last after implanting

Life of Dental Crown

To know about how long does gold crown or other materials last, it is important to aware care you provide to it. On average a dental crown lasts for five to fifteen years. If you want to prolong life and avail the benefits in the long run then have good oral hygiene and modify your mouth-related activities. You should avoid the following habits

  • Grinding
  • Clenching
  • Chewing ice
  • Using teeth for opening packets
  • Biting fingernails

Dental crown does not need special care like any application of tooth medicine or spice toothpaste rather it only needs good oral hygiene. Remember, if your tooth is crowned it does not mean it will be protected from gum diseases or decay. So, it is important to follow oral hygiene habits like brushing teeth twice daily, do flossing on daily basis and rinse your mouth immediately after eating especially sweet things. Use antibacterial mouthwash to keep the oral cavity free of germs.


Dental Crown Life On Different Tooth Type and Conditions

Although the life of the crown depends not only on the care you provide to it but also on various tooth types and conditions. For example, if you have swollen gums or bacterial infection then life the crown reduces. Similarly, you’re eating habits also play role in prolonging or reducing the life of your crown.

The life span of the crown on the different tooth and their conditions are

  • Molars

If you are thinking how long crowns last on molars then the answer is a lifetime. But how? To keep the dental crown a healthy companion for the molar there is a need for extraordinary care. Avoid biting, cutting and churning hard things like walnut or almonds. There are chances of wear and tear, when you try to break heard shell, of the crown. To avoid this situation and to ensure longevity brush your teeth regularly as well as immediately rinse the oral cavity. It will prevent dental infections and you will able to maintain the originality of the artificial crown.

Front teeth

The dental crown on front teeth lasts between five to fifteen years. However, if your dentist uses superior quality, the crown can stay for almost thirty years. Dental crowns are subject to fractures, cavities, and attacks of germ, hence essential care by regularly brushing and flossing is necessary

Furthermore, there is a need to prevent cracks from grinding and chewing force. When you have placement of dental crown make sure not to apply extra force for chewing and biting.

Root Canal

Root canal treatment is required to prevent the tooth from terrible infection. It is painful as the dentist makes a small hole and removes the pulp to fill up the hole. Therefore, to give the tooth additional strength the dental crown is placed. It will help your tooth last for 15 to 30 years. To keep your tooth from decaying and further infection avoids bad oral hygiene habits and brush with medicated toothpaste.

If you have undergone a root canal and wondering how long do crowns last after a root canal then it all depends on the care you do for it. Maintain oral hygiene and keep the crown healthy and long-lasting.







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