How strong are crowns on Front Teeth


Dental Crowns or crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed over the tooth to protect them or enhance their appearance. Most of the time dental crowns are used when an existing tooth became weak, cracked, or even when it is broken. If you have a misshaped tooth then you can also have a dental crown over it to regain its shape. Many people around the world place dental caps on all of their front teeth to enhance their look.

Most dental crowns are used when your teeth are bad in shape. You also must have seen many people with gold or silver front teeth, well those are crowns. They have dentally crowned all of their teeth to give them a unique look.

Why would you need a dental crown?

Here are a few reasons which show why you would need a dental crown.

  • If your teeth are a week or decaying then you might need a dental crown so, that you can protect your teeth.
  • Dental Crowns are also used if your teeth are cracked or misshaped.
  • If there is a large amount of filling in your tooth then it can be protected with dental crowns.
  • Dental Crowns are used to hold a dental bridge in place.
  • Dental crowns are also used to cover dental implants.
  • If you have recently gone through the root canal then the dentist might cover it with a dental crown to protect the tooth.


How strong are dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are made up of strong material some people also make custom ones like out of gold or silver. But having a strong material does not mean that the dental crowns will never crack. If you are going to crowns all of your dental teeth then you must know that they will not last your entire life. A point will come when they will eventually break.

What are dental crowns made of

There are many different kinds of material from which a dental crown is made up of some are stronger than others.

  1. Metal:

    There is a lot of different kind of metals that can be used in the making of dental crowns for example gold, palladium, nickel, and chromium. Metal crowns are stronger and more durable as compare to simple crowns. The life span of these crowns is also more than the other. As the metal is a strong material so they also don’t chip of or break easily. But most of the time people don’t opt for this option as metal crowns don’t have the same color as our teeth. So, people went for traditional crowns

  2. All-Resin:

    Resin is a material that can be used in many types of things. Resin-based dental crowns are cheap but they break off very easily. As, the resin is not much hard material so, there are pretty much high chances that your resin bases dental crowns will wore out quicker than any other dental crowns.

  3. All-ceramic or all-porcelain:

    Porcelain or ceramic dental crowns are widely used and are the basic option for people. It is because they have the same color as our teeth. So, it could be difficult to notice. If you’re going to crown your front teeth then this one will be a good choice. As they will be of the same color as your teeth so, they would look more natural. But these are also not then much strong when they are compared to metal-based ones. They can chip off over time, or in some cases, they can also break or get cracked.

How strong are crowns on Front Teeth

How long crowns last


Dental crowns are made up of strong material. But the average lifespan of a dental crown is up to 15 years. There are many things due to which dental crowns are affected, and eventually break.

Let’s take the example of natural teeth. Our natural teeth are really strong, as they are specially made to grab and eat things. But there are also weaken over time. Our natural teeth are affected by bacteria, cavities, and the quality of food we eat. So, it is also the same case with dental crowns. They are affected by eating and bacteria. If you put too much pressure on your dental crowns then the chances are that it might break or get cracked. Also, it is pretty common.

How to protect dental crowns

If you have dental crowns then it necessary for you to take good care of them because if you don’t then they will break or chip quicker. Use the tip mention below to keep your dental crowns in good shape

  • When you are brushing provide special attention to the area where the gum line meets the dental crowns. Don’t put too much force on them while brushing.
  • Take proper care of your oral hygiene, like brush your teeth twice a day, and don’t forget to floss your teeth once a day.
  • If you clench or grind your teeth then you must wear a nightguard.
  • Don’t bite hard things as there are bad for your crowns and as well as your natural teeth.



If you have a weak or misshaped tooth then dental crowns are the best option for you. A dental crown sits over your natural teeth to provide it the strength it needs. There is various kind of different dental crowns, some are made up of metal while others are made up of resin or ceramic. The lifespan of dental crowns depends upon the material that is used in the crowns but the average lifespan is about 15 years. If you want to learn more then please read the above article.


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