How To Ask Your Patients For Reviews: 5 Tips For Success

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Ask Your Patients For Reviews

Asking your patients for reviews is a great way to increase patient satisfaction, and provides an opportunity to share their thoughts about you and your service. The validation your business receives from online reviews has an effect on the psychology of new patients. They overwhelmingly trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

Your local business rankings on search engines are boosted by positive reviews. This means searching consumers are more likely to see your business show up in their search results.


Recent studies found that of the industries where consumers are most likely to read reviews, medical ranks as number three. Thus, whether you offer general dental services or are a specialist oral surgery clinic, online reviews are an incredibly useful way of attracting new patients.

It’s no wonder more and more businesses are asking their customers for feedback in the form of reviews. Here are five tips for success on how to ask your clients for feedback. This will not only increase customer satisfaction but will also give you the chance to enhance your reputation.


  1. Provide a good experience

It’s no good asking for reviews if you are providing a bad experience. Sure—bad feedback should be welcomed to improve things when they have gone wrong. But too many bad reviews are off-putting and could damage your reputation.

As a dentist, you know that your patients want to have a good experience.


  • Create a comfortable and welcoming environment. This includes having plenty of natural light, relaxing music in the background, and a warm atmosphere. For some patients, it will also include aromatherapy or low lighting to help them relax before an examination or procedure starts.
  • Make sure that you have updated technology so that you can provide the best care. This includes back-office/admin technology for managing appointments as well as the diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.
  • Educate your patients on their periodontal treatment and let them know what to expect when they visit you for a dental appointment. This includes information about costs, scheduling needs, and any time frames involved.
  • Offer a variety of payment options for people who may not be able to afford treatment. You can provide discounted rates and accept any type of insurance.
  • Make sure that you have an emergency contact number readily available in case something happens during the appointment, or if they need medical assistance after hours.


  1. Create a process for feedback

One excellent way to make it easier on both you and your clients is to create a process where they can easily tell you what their experience with you was like. This might include providing an online form, e-mail address, or contact number that allows them to give feedback right then and there! The more accessible the method of giving feedback becomes, the greater chance you have of receiving it.


However, making sure this process doesn’t take up too much time will also help in ensuring people are happy with how responsive you are at handling any problems they may have. Make it easy for patients to communicate with you by giving them options like email, phone calls, and even text messaging if they prefer.


  1. Claim your Google Listing

dentist reviews

Your Google listing is free and is essentially an online ad for your business. By claiming it, you can help your company to get found in the search listings. It also identifies you as a legitimate and genuine local dental office that is operational and open for business.


Your Google profile can list your opening hours, services, contact details, and photos. Your listing shows up on Google maps and improves your local SEO, as businesses with Google listings rank higher than those without.


The other huge benefit of a Google listing is that patients can add reviews directly. You can create a short URL on your listing which can easily be shared in an email or a text message. You can send it to patients after their appointment with a request to add a review.


  1. Just Ask

Every dental office should make it standard practice to ask their patients for a review. The vast majority will be too happy to oblige. It’s not easy to ascertain how many consumers write a review after they have used a service. However, statistics show that 72% of customers will write a review for a local business if they are asked.


Thus, a well-thought-out strategy for reputation management is effective in bringing in new patients. Asking patients directly to provide an online review works. Plus, it’s simple, efficient, and productive.


  1. Use Review Software

Using automated review management software is becoming more commonplace in helping dental offices provide better quality care to their patients. There are many different services that integrate with existing practice management systems. These automatically send out review requests to your patients after their appointments. This means you can get more reviews without lifting a finger, and lets you manage them all in one place.

Review management software enables you to collect more authentic patient reviews to effortlessly increase your visibility, credibility, and social proof.


If you don’t do it already, it’s time to start asking your patients for reviews. Patient experience is paramount, incredibly important to your business. Your online reputation can greatly increase your flow of patients, so bear these five tips in mind and be primed for success.


Amanda Duffy has considerable knowledge in the field of dentistry and oral health, gained from a 20-year career in the healthcare sector – including a decade in the UK’s National Health Service, and years of experience writing high-quality dental content.

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