How to attract new Patients to your Dental Practice?

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How to attract new Patients to your Dental Practice?

If you have launched a new dental office or if you are running out of your patience then you always wonder how you can attract more patients to your clinic. It can be simple and as well as difficult depending upon your situation. I have just opened a clinic than it might be difficult to attract new patients, but if you are running your business for some years then it can be easy.

There are a lot of different methods from which you can attract new customers or clinic toward your new dental clinic. The competition for new patients is increasing day by day. Every dentist wants that his/her clinic is full of patients. So, to stand out you have to do something different something which will stand out so, that you can attract more and more customers toward your clinic.

Here are some of the simple tricks and tips which will help you to stand out in the market so, that you can catch more patients.

Create a Website

You must have seen that now everything is moving online. Even the shops and bigger stores are moving online to grab more and more customers. If you want to be different, then a website of your own is a perfect start for you. A website can catch more customers as compare to campaigns.

You can build your website according to your own need. You can more information about yourself. If you want then you can take an extra step and also give the option to customers to make a booking online through the website. Here are a few things that you can do to your website to stand out:

  • Uncluttered, mobile-friendly web design
  • Simple navigation
  • Onsite blog
  • Pictures of dentist and offices
  • Prominent contact info
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • On-page SEO


The best thing about a website that you can also run ads. Ads will help you to bring more and more traffic to your website. If more traffic is coming to your website then it means that there are more chances to gather patients.

Make great First Impression

You must have heard the saying “First Impression is the Last Impression!”. Well, this is true your first impression of any person is your personality to that person. So, whenever you have a new patient in your dental clinic try to give more attention to him. By more attention I mean you can do small talk with him. Ask him what he is up to? Stuff like this.

This will pass a good impression of you to that person. And just because of the good impression he will come back to you, there are also chances that he will bring more people with him. But it does not mean that you should not be nice to other patients. As a dentist, it is your job to treat your patient equally. But you can do a little better job with a new patient to attract him.

Be a Sponsor in Local Events

One of the main reason companies acquires more fame is by sponsoring events. You can also implement this in your clinic. Well as a clinic you can’t sponsor bigger events because they will be out of budget, but what you can do is that you can sponsor small events in your local area. For example, if there is any football tournament in your local area then you can sponsor it. Or is there is any funfair going on then you can sponsor it also?

By sponsoring events you can do two things. First, you are letting people known that there is a clinic in your area which loves them, and second, you can also let people know about yourself in the tournament. This will also attract more customers and patients to your clinic.

Focus on getting a positive review

If you have an online website or your clinic appears on google maps then the best next thing that you can do is that you can do your best for gaining positive reviews. The review system is becoming more and more common every day. People are starting to believe in online reviews more than ever. So, try your best to gain a positive review.

You can do a various thing to gain positive reviews like being nice to people if anyone who can’t come to the clinic in your local area then you can go to their house to offer your services. These little things would be great to gain a positive review.

Use Feedback

Patient or Customer Feedback is the only way by which you will know what you are missing and what you need to improve. Suppose that if you are not having a Seating problem in your clinic then by customer feedback you will let know of it and you can take care of it.

There are a lot of big companies that welcome user feedback so, that they can improve their services. You can also do that with your clinic so that you can improve your clinic standard.

Run Ads

If your clinic is seeing hiccups then you can also move towards running ads for your clinic. Ads are the best possible way to attract more and more people. You can run various types of ads like you can run Facebook ads or Google Ads. If you have a proper website then running Google Ads is the best option for you. But if you still want to run Facebook ads because more people use Facebook in your area, then you can provide your website link in the ads so, that people can learn more about you by looking into your website

These are some of the simple tricks by which you can attract more patients to your clinic.


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