How to Cure The Lump On Roof of Mouth

How to Cure The Lump On Roof of Mouth

What is the lump on the roof of mouth?

The hard lump on the roof of your mouth can be a symptom of a condition called Torus Palatinus that is the growth of an extra bone. This bone growth is extremely harmless and can usually also be painless and varies in shape and sizes. The lump appears in the middle of the mouth and the size can range from 2-6 millimeters. In rare conditions, a blister may also arise.

Grows at the start of your puberty and is likely to shrink as you grow because of the body’s natural absorption of the palatinus.

What causes this lump?

Where it is yet to decide what the sole cause of the lump’s appearance is, it is highly likely to be genetic as the parents can pass this condition on to their children.
Researchers who study torus palatinus also claim that another reason for the appearance of this lump can be diet. Countries with high consumption of saltwater fish are consuming polyunsaturated fats and vitamin D which acts as a nutrient for bone growth.

Clenching and grinding of teeth is another reason since that places pressure in bony structures of the mouth.

How to cure the lump?

As said earlier, the lump does not really cause any harm. So treating torus palatinus should only take place where it is affecting you in some way. Here are the ways through which treatment can take place;

Surgery is known to be the most common treatment for the lump. However, following requirements must be met if you want to undergo the surgery process.

  • The lump is so large in size that it is interfering with your eating, chewing, drinking, and swallowing. Or even with dental hygiene.
  • The food with sharp peaks like chips scratches with the lump when you chew. In the case of a cut, the healing process would be slow because of the lack of blood vessels in the lump.

Surgery is usually performed through a maxillofacial surgeon, who is a specialist in the jaw, face, and neck surgery. The excess bone is removed by making an incision in the middle of the hard palate and the opening is closed with sutures.

It is also important to acknowledge if any risk may appear after surgery before going for the process. The percentage of problems occurring is very low, however, in case they do it may include swelling, excessive bleeding, infection, reaction to anesthesia, or nicking the nasal cavity.

The recovery process after the surgery takes about 3-4 weeks. To boost the healing process or reduce inflammation or pain the surgeons recommend medication, rinsing the mouth with antiseptic or saltwater, and eating a soft diet to avoid scratching.

Can the lump be cured at home?

There isn’t any remedy for the lump to be cured at home as it is just an outgrown bone. As mentioned earlier it may shrink with time as is just a genetic condition. In case it doesn’t a doctor must be seen to go through the surgery process.

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