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How to Fix Overbite Without Surgery

Overbites are medically referred to as a condition called a malocclusion. In this condition, your upper teeth protrude over your lower teeth. Your teeth and jaws are not lined up properly. An overbite can be classified as a vertical overbite or a horizontal overbite.

How to Fix Overbite Without Surgery | 2020

This means in a vertical overbite, your upper can overlap the bottom teeth, and in the horizontal overbite, the top teeth can protrude behind the bottom teeth.

Reasons for the overbite

Overbite mainly occurs due to three reasons. In the first case, due to the loss of the rear teeth that is the molar, the lower jaw ultimately lost his support and all the teeth move backward. Another reason which causes overbite is the continuous pushing of the tongue against the upper teeth when they are growing.

It is also caused because of Temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Overbite information

The last reason is the thumb sucking in early childhood, which, in return forcefully pushes the upper teeth forward. Now, we will move forward on how to fix the overbite without surgery.

Overbite fixation in adults

Early intervention in the overbite fixation is very important as it will reduce the risk of prolonged and lengthy treatment. In adults, braces are used to straighten their teeth while moving the upper teeth backward and the lower ones forward.

overbite correction before and after

This way the overbite is treated perfectly without surgery. This treatment lasts for 18 months. An important benefit of braces is that they will serve your overbite and underbite correctors while straightening your teeth for a better smile.

Headgear for overbite correction

How to Fix Overbite Without Surgery | 2020

Orthodontic headgear is referred to as the braces headgear. It is a device that treats overbite problems. Braces only fix the position of your teeth, the orthodontic headgears aligns your jaw by exerting the tension on your braces through the hooks, coils and elastic bands.

Overbite correction exercise

The human tongue is one of the very powerful muscle, capable enough to push the teeth out of their position. Tongue thrust exercise is very effective in fixing the overbites. All you have to do is simply place a small orthodontic rubber band on the tip of the tongue. Then press the tip on the gum’s roof behind the upper front teeth. Then, bite the teeth together in the regular bite. Remember to keep the lips apart while biting.

overbite correction before and after picture

While swallowing, make sure not to let your lips close. Don’t get worried if you accidentally swallowed the rubber band. Now you have developed a habit of pushing your tongue forward. When you swallow your braces will come off very soon making your teeth perfectly aligned with a fixed overbite.

Overbite treatment without braces

Other than wearing braces, there is another method to get rid of an overbite that is Invisalign. It is a new and easy strategy to get rid of overbite. In this treatment, a transparent retainer and a clear aligner are used. In this treatment, a newer type of brace is introduced which comes with a plastic cup system. It is customized to fit in with the patient’s teeth and is worn throughout the day.

The patient has to wear them for 22 hours a day and are changed every two weeks. Furthermore, in Invisalign, an elastic band is attached to the top and the bottom aligners which will surely help in correcting the overbite.


Overbite correction will surely improve your quality of life. Without the overbite correction, your speech is very less clear. The patient has to accommodate his jaw position while speaking, chewing, grinding, and chewing.

People with overbites are considered less self-esteemed because their entire face is not functioning properly. Deeper overbites will make your face look even shorter. So it’s very important to correct the overbites.

Have some questions?

What causes an overbite?

Basically, the shape and size of the your teeth are the common causes of an overbite. This means that there is too much space in the area of your jaw or the space is very less for teeth to fit in. Treatment is necessary because if too much space remains then your teeth will grow far apart from each other and if there is less space then teeth will grow in a very crooked form. Overbite occurs in infants and children because the different habits like excessive use a pacifiers or sucking of thumb that pushes the tongue against the back of the teeth. While nail biting and chewing of different objects causes overbite in teens and adults.

How to treat an overbite without braces

An orthodontist can best tell you which treatment should you go for. As the job of child is still in the series of development it is easy to get treated. Instead of braces one can remove the teeth that is able to provide more space for permanent growth of teeth in a proper and appropriate way. This treatment is mostly avoided by orthodontist but if the situation is quite critical then doctors have to go for it. Some of the overbite is in skeletal form that is why surgery is needed for its correction.

How do you know you have a overbite

You may not be able to take a normal bite. There are some other symptoms that can tell you that you are suffering from overbite. Some of the symptoms include

  • Problems in speech
  • issues in breathing
  • Pain in your teeth while chewing
  • Your teeth and gums get damaged
  • You feel immense pain when you chew or bite anything
  • Appearance on your face may change

How long does it take to treat overbite

There are different treatments that can be opted in order to treat overbite. First treatment is known as invisalign. This refers to the shifting of teeth from one place to another which takes on 22 hours per day that has to be changed after every 2 weeks and the process usually takes from 9 months to almost a year. Another treatment is that of braces that follows different stages. The whole treatment usually takes from 6 months to 2 years for completion.

How does an overbite look like

Overbite is usually in the form of gap where the vertical gap that covers the horizontal gap. This occurs between your top and bottom front teeth. Horizontal gap is known as overjet where your upper teeth move towards the front of your mouth. If you see somebody’s upper teeth hanging far too down over the lower teeth then understand that person has an overbite.

How long do I have to wear rubber bands for overbite?

While it is a very difficult reality but except for brushing one has to wear elastic all the time. Your result will be better if you keep wearing them. It is quite hard to wear the rubber band all the time but as soon as you see promising results for overbite, you can take them off.

How can braces treat an overbite

The teeth are fastened with metal brackets and  then a wire is connected with them that straighten the teeth. This gives the start to fixing of overbite. Braces are joined with string, coils and rubber bands. Additional force is basically required to shift the jawline. The whole treatment may take 6 months to 2 years to be completed.

How to get rid of an overbite without braces

There are  many other ways that treat overbite. Braces is not the only solution. The first treatment is the use of Invasalign. This involves the use of transparent appliances that affect the upper and lower teeth. You have to wear them that help you properly align your teeth. Every appliance has to be worn for 2 weeks. Force is increased on each appliance which helps in the straightening and adjustment of teeth in a proper order. Another treatment is surgery that is required in case of skeletal problem. In this situation your job is set to a new position where braces will not be enough for correction. Surgery is usually recommended for adults because they have surpassed the developmental stage as compared to the children. Extraction is another method through which you can treat overbite without braces. Teeth become overcrowded because of less space and if the spaces are too short, the teeth re distanced apart. In order to fix this problem doctors usually remove the teeth in order to create some space for proper alignment.

How does invisalign work without braces

It contains a series of trays that are shifted into your teeth that help arrange your teeth into a proper alignment. It does not contain any uncomfortable metal brackets. Take a small assessment know everything is good treatment for you make an appointment consult your doctor and then insulin can work for your teeth.  Invisalign is provided by professionals or specialized instructors. Proper treatment plan is arranged after a digital scan performed by the specialist. Images of teeth are created which help make proper aligners for your teeth. A comfortable plastic is given to you so that it can be worn on your teeth constantly.

How to put Rubber bands on braces

Braces won’t work alone unless a rubber band is attached to them. So, follow these instructions to know how to connect rubber bands to braces. Vertical elastics can work best for you that contain a total of 6 hooks. Upper canine teeth will take two hooks where as the rest of the also be taken on in your lower teeth and lower canine.

Proper instructions are always best given by orthodontist Who fixes the rubber bands on your braces himself but in case you have to do the task on your own he will give you proper instructions anyone provide you a manual for your guidance. There are many other teeth straightening options.

How much overbite is normal

Usually, a normal overbite is around 2 to 4 mm.  This gives your lower teeth really appealing and aesthetic look but if overbite is smaller, your lower teeth can be quite noticeable.

What is overbite in teeth?

Overbite is a common condition that refers to the misalignment of teeth. It is common in most of the people. It is usually in the form of upper teeth overlapping the lower teeth. Overbite is also known as buck teeth.

What is Overbite Correction and How To Fix it




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