How to Heal Burnt Roof of The Mouth Fast – Causes and Cures 

roof of mouth burning

What is the roof of your mouth?

The roof of your mouth is called the palate which is further divided into two parts. The hard palate is in the front and has ridges whereas the soft palate is in the back and is comparatively smoother. The palate tissues are extremely sensitive and delicate as compared to any other body tissue or cell to detect the victuals better.

Consumption of hot beverages and food can easily burn the palate tissues which further leads to inflammation, pain, swelling, and fever at times, its occurrence is called the burnt roof of mouth Therefore, it is important to treat the burn immediately and that too, through effective procedures. Don’t worry about your damaged skin cells as they can heal quickly and be substituted by new cells within a week or so.

Healing burnt roof of mouth

Types and symptoms 

Before searching the internet with ‘how to soothe the burnt roof of my mouth’, you must be aware of the type of burn you have. These types can be classified as first-degree, second-degree, or third-degree burn.


  • First-degree burn

The type of burn that you experience from everyday negligence such as sipping hot coffee is a first-degree burn. This type of burn only causes minimal damage and usual home remedies can easily cure it. Symptoms like swelling, minor pain, redness, and other nominal cases are indicators of a first-degree burn.


  • Second and third-degree burn

If the symptoms include extreme redness, severe pain, and blistering after burning the roof of your mouth, then it may be a second or third-degree burn. In this case, the burn will take a longer time to heal and doctor consultation might be necessary.


  • BMS (Burning Mouth Syndrome)

There is a condition called Burning Mouth Syndrome where you experience certain symptoms. These may include a biter or metallic mouth taste, numb lips or tongue, and dry mouth. The emergence of BMS is not because of a specific reason; it can happen naturally and may last months or weeks. However certain medical conditions can be the reason behind the occurrence of BMS, for instance, cancer therapy, mouth infection, diabetes, vitamin deficiency, or even trauma


Cause of the burn

This is a typical issue that you experience after consuming something extremely hot and realize that the burnt roof of your mouth’s skin is peeling. Our mouth tissues are extremely sensitive and delicate as compared to any other body cell. Because of this, consuming hot food and beverages such as munching on hot pizza or sipping hot coffee can burn them very easily. The burn can be worse, depending on the situation which further leads to swelling, pain, and fever at times.

Therefore, it is important to treat the burn immediately and that too, through effective procedures. Don’t worry about your damaged skin cells as they can heal quickly and are substituted by new cells within a week or so.

roof of mouth burning

Cure and Remedies

The burn can heal on its own within a week or so usually but using certain remedies can help speed up the process and decrease the inflammation on the burn. Here’s a list of the easy and effective burnt roof of mouth remedies.

  • Cold beverages and food

Making quick moves after burning the roof of your mouth can control the degree of the harm. Cooling the burnt region immediately with sipping cold water or chewing on ice can keep the burn from influencing internal layers of skin and causing blisters on your burnt roof of the mouth.

Consumption of cold or frozen victuals is the most suitable during the healing process. Milk is very effective, as it coats a layer over your burn which prevents any irritation. Cream, yogurt, and ice cream can perform similar results.

  • Aloe Vera

This plant leave is known for soothing external skin burn and can be utilized orally too. Using aloe vera in its raw or natural form can be bitter and unsatisfying; therefore, aloe vera mouth rinses are used excessively to cure mouth burns and to reduce inflammation.

  • Mint

Methanol in mint can help reduce the burning sensation and prevents any chance of infection on the palate. To use mint, you can either chew a leaf directly or use it in the form of chewing gum or toothpaste.

  • Honey

Just like milk, honey as well coats a gentle layer over your burn to reduce inflammation and prevent any pain or infection and is a very effective remedy for the burnt roof of the mouth. Antimicrobial properties of honey are good for healing and killing any organisms that are harmful to the burn.

  • Saltwater

Lukewarm saltwater is very effective for your burn and is a commonly used home remedy for the burnt roof of the mouth. Stir half tablespoon salt in lukewarm water, antiseptic properties of salt will disinfect the infected area. Gaggling with saltwater two, three times a day keeps the burn clean and moist and acts as a barrier against infection.


  • Soft food.

Securing the palate after burning the roof of your mouth is necessary. The harmed skin usually strips away, uncovering new skin underneath. The food with sharp edges may harm the delicate new skin. Hence it is important to consume soft food to ensure that the palate strengthens with no risk of infection or pain.


Utilizing and antiseptic mouthwash can be necessary since the mouth is often filled with microscopic organisms that can cause further damage or infection to the affected area. Antiseptic mouthwash protects the palate germ-free and eliminates any chance of developing an infection.

 Taking care

In case you’re wondering how to heal burnt roof of mouth quickly, then you must take necessary precautions to speed up the process as well. These usually include avoiding alcohol and tobacco consumption, acidic drinks or food as well as brushing.

No, we are not suggesting to not brush your teeth but since the bristles may be sharp, you should be gentle with it. Usually, it takes about one week so it is good to take precautions and avoid anything that may harm your mouth’s roof any further.

Make sure your diet consists of plain, spice less food to avoid irritation on the burn, and the same goes for crispy and crunchy food as well. It is better to wait for your hot beverages to cool down before consumption as it may cause blisters or inflammation. Incase, taking care of the burn appears tough then consult a doctor immediately!

How long does the burn take to heal?

How long it will take to heal is probably the first question that comes to your mind after burning the roof of your mouth. It is usually a matter of a few days for a first-degree to heal after you actively use the home remedies and especially avoid consuming hot beverages or food. If your roof of mouth feels burnt then it slowly goes off and may take a maximum of 6 days to give you a soothing feel.

Second or third-degree burns that are known as severe burns take a long time for healing. Studies show that it takes seven days for the recuperation of nerves as well as tissues to get completely protected.

It is important to take care of burns in a child’s mouth because minor carelessness may lead to allergy. It will be painful and there is a need to give ibuprofen to help him to get relief from pain. The skin peels in the first two days. afterward, it starts healing. Children may not bear the pain so there is a need for extra precautions so no puss develops inside the mouth cavity. If there is some issue of pus formation, then it is important to see the doctor to get treatment immediately.

Care is important before and after the occurrence of burns. One must be patient in consuming food and selecting the type of meal. It will help him to prevent himself from infections, inflammation, swelling, and pain. Thus, care will aid him to heal skin in few days.

roof of mouth burns a lot

Where is it necessary to visit the doctor?

If the inflammation and pain from your burn continue even after trying all the stated remedies, then a doctor consultation is necessary for the burnt roof of mouth treatment. Symptoms like white patches, fever, or situations where you find swallowing difficult are top indicators for a burn that needs a doctor’s help, the doctor can guide you better on how to cure a burnt roof of the mouth better.

If the idea of self-healing your burn appears to be too difficult, then not seeking professional help can cost you a lot! Neglecting the burn can cause fever, pain and severe infection., high fever, or extreme pain. If patient care then burns may heal within one week but it may extend if the patient shows negligence. Not only this is painful but also stops you from performing everyday activities like snacking. Doctors understand and suggest suitable remedies and medications that help to speed up the process and reduce your pain as well.











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