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homemade teeth whitening

We all want a “Hollywood smile” and to get one, of course, you should avoid foods and drinks that cause stains, including red wine, blueberries, coffee and black licorice. Smoking is also known to turn the teeth to a sickly yellow and with the increase of age the teeth of this hue also become.

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For an additional boost to whitening teeth for ladies, they should finish wiping out the use of lipstick or organic blue lip gloss, just like pink or red tones. Never skip this important step, either: remember to floss between your teeth to avoid accumulation stains and visit your dentist for regular cleanings of your white teeth

Luckily, there are treatments or remedies to whiten teeth naturally, which complement your daily tooth brushing routine, which will give you gleaming white teeth in 14 days. However, be careful: these remedies will not have positive effects on: dental crowns, veneers, teeth stained by tobacco or certain medications, such as antibiotics and they need to have some time to give results.

Top – 5 Best Homemade Dental Whiteners

Sodium Bicarbonate

This classic formula has withstood the test of time, since it works, but with a horrible taste. Put a teaspoon of baking soda in your palm and mix with water or better yet, with lemon juice, to form a paste, then apply on a toothbrush. It is used alone or on top of a layer of toothpaste for an extra whitening pulse and brushing your teeth with this paste for at least two minutes. Rinse with plenty of water.

Homemade Dental Whiteners

Chew apples and celery

The sweetest remedy are apples, which contain malic acid – an enzyme that helps eliminate stains (and an ingredient found in homemade teeth that whiten cosmetic products too). All you have to do is eat the fruit, as this allows the malic acid to naturally brush the stains on the teeth. Alternatively, chew a little celery: the cellulose fibers remove stains from the teeth with each chew. A perfect cleaner for after a coffee!

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Coconut oil “pulls”

I have never tried this by myself, but there are people who swear that this method is very effective: take a spoonful of pure coconut oil and swish it with it in your mouth for twenty minutes, twice a week. It seems a long time, but apparently the properties of the oil not only eradicate the stains, but also remove toxins from the tongue, leaving whiter teeth and overall health stronger.

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The original organic toothbrush comes from the miswak, a stick that is made up of a twig of the Arak . The Arabs have chewed for a long time the miswak, to clean their teeth and thanks to globalization, now it can be bought locally as well. Unlike a synthetic toothbrush, one end of the branch exposes rigid fibers, which are softened by careful chewing. Use the softened end to brush the stains, which also acts ingeniously like an organic toothpaste.

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Orange or banana peel

The enzymes of the orange and the skin of the banana eliminate the spots of the teeth. Here’s how: rub only the white side of the inside of the orange peel or the inside of the skin a banana (making sure there is no adherence of the fruit to the skin) against the teeth for about two minutes, to Next, brush your teeth as usual. Do this once a day for two weeks to see results.

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