How to Make Your Smile Shine: 5 Easy Steps

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Make Your Smile Shine

Having a brighter, whiter smile is often the confidence boost people need to succeed. Unfortunately, cosmetic dental work is costly and time-consuming, making it inaccessible for those with limited budgets and tight schedules.


Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take each day to whiten your teeth and reduce staining. Here are the five steps to make your smile shine.


Brush and Floss Twice Per Day


When your dentist recommends flossing and brushing, it’s typically to promote better dental health. However, these actions also have a beneficial cosmetic effect. Brushing and flossing at least twice per day— ideally after each meal— prevents stains from setting in.


Consider bringing a travel toothbrush with you to work and brushing on your lunch break. Alternatively, bring a travel-sized bottle of whitening mouth wash for a quick rinse after eating. While quitting smoking is preferable for both health and cosmetic reasons (tobacco causes long-term stains), rinsing with mouthwash after smoking can reduce the effects.


Whiten Infrequently


Using at-home whitening kits can help remove stains and make your smile appear whiter and brighter. Many home whitening kits are affordable and dentist-approved, making them a viable option for most consumers. 


The important thing to remember when using whitening kits is that more isn’t always better. Using whitening kits too frequently can start to break down the enamel on your teeth, making your teeth look transparent or even blue-tinted. 


Limit your tooth whitening kit use to every few months, focusing on better dental habits and prevention when possible.


Stay Hydrated


Drinking enough water offers a plethora of health benefits, from better digestion to an improved complexion. Staying hydrated will also help keep your teeth white and sparkling.


Saliva production plays an essential role in keeping your teeth clean and free of debris. As dehydration can lead to dry mouth, drinking enough water can help maintain oral health and add an extra layer of protection. Sipping water while eating will rinse your mouth and prevent the development of stains and bacteria.


There’s significant controversy over drinking lemon water as a way to improve your water intake, as citric acid wears down tooth enamel. As an alternative, consider adding mint or non-acidic fruit for flavor.


Make Your Smile Shine

Be Mindful of Staining Foods


Another way to brighten your smile is to limit your intake of staining foods and beverages. Coffee is often labeled as the main offender for tooth stains, but tea stains can be even harder to eliminate. Red wine and fruit juice also cause lasting stains, as do blueberries and other foods in that color family. 


It’s also wise to be mindful of foods that break down tooth enamel, which increases the risk of staining over time. Cola, sports drinks, and citrus are just a few examples of substances that cause enamel degradation.


Fake it As Needed


Finally, never hesitate to “fake” whiter teeth for events and photos. Red and purple lipstick hues will make teeth appear whiter, while orange and coral tones have a yellowing effect. Wearing darker shades of blue, purple, and red clothing can also make your teeth look whiter. If smiling for a selfie makes you feel self-conscious, you can always use an editing app to whiten teeth in photos


If you’re gearing up for a big event, consider getting a natural-looking fake tan application from a local spa. Avoid using the at-home fake tan kits, as they lead to strong orange tones that will bring out any underlying yellow hues in your teeth.


With these simple steps, you can make your smile shine. Whitening your teeth can boost your self-confidence and make you feel ready to take on the world. 


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