How to whiten teeth scientifically?

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First of all, we need to understand one thing. The normal color of teeth comes from the yellow of dentin, and the enamel is translucent, so normal teeth are slightly yellow.

Second, can washing teeth make the teeth white? Nonsense, no, just like taking a bath without turning the skin white. Some people have to refute that my teeth become white after washing my teeth, so I will tell you the reason: the teeth are washed away and the calculus (the calculus is yellow, gray, black, and I have seen dark green), Smoke stains and tea stains (you don’t need to explain this, see the tea stains on the teacup). It’s like you touched the mud, your hands were dirty, you washed them, and you looked white. In fact, it was just your original skin tone. In other words, washing the teeth is necessary to prevent calculus and other causes of gingivitis and periodontitis. Its role is not whitening, only the original color of the teeth. It is necessary to wash your teeth once a year. This is true. It is also a very good oral health care.

Third, can the teeth whitening equipment be used at home? I don’t want to say more about this…please don’t use the Wechat business, please? You go to a regular stomatological hospital to ask how expensive the brand’s household tooth whitening equipment is, and how dare you to buy something for 80 yuan? Of course, if you are buying equipment from regular channels and regular manufacturers, you can use it, but you must make sure that you are using it. The damage of bad products to the gums and enamel is irreversible. The fake “cold light” is a killer level to the retina! Regular manufacturers will ship from the hospital, and special stomatologists will train patients. Don’t buy it casually, it’s too harmful. The same is true for whitening toothpaste. Don’t buy them from micro-businesses, buy from regular manufacturers.

Fourth, can toothpaste, toothbrush and tooth powder whiten teeth? Wrong, wrong, this is where the fallacy comes from. Toothpaste is a cleaning agent, just like washing clothes taken in the laundry, washing it is good and whitening? The toothbrush is like a washing machine, you can clean the toothbrush, white is impossible! The same is true for electric toothbrushes! Whitening is impossible! If you want to clean your teeth, first of all, it is necessary to brush your teeth in time, 3 to 5 minutes each time, and then the way of brushing your teeth. Please Baidu Pakistani brushing method, many teaching videos. So why do you brush your teeth well? The first thing to prevent caries is insect teeth, and then to prevent the calculus from generating too quickly. The good stains and tea stains of brushing toothbrushes are less pigmented. But the tooth is still your own color!

Fifth, someone should ask, if you pull so much, I am not satisfied with the color of my own teeth, but you tell me how?


whiten teeth scientifically


Three effective methods of teeth:


Whitening teeth themselves: cold light whitening, this is the only method that does not polish teeth and relies on chemical whitening. Going to the hospital once and spending an hour can make your teeth white for at least three years. The price depends on the hospital, it should be more than 1,000. Advantages: short time, no teeth grinding, obvious effect. Applicable to: Need to temporarily whiten teeth (such as applying for, marriage), do not want to grind teeth, fair whitening. Disadvantages: The duration is about three years. After three years, due to the remineralization of enamel and the pigment of colored food, it slowly changes back. There will be a sensitive period of about 7 days after the whitening ends. It is not suitable for people with dental fluorosis, or teeth with severe demineralization and enamel cracks. Whitening toothpaste is actually a by-product of cold light whitening. The principle is almost the same, that is, the effect is slower. At first, it was maintained as a cold light whitening abroad, and then it was sold separately. Whitening toothpaste can be used, that is, to abide by a principle, buy regular manufacturers, and must follow the instructions, unusable frequency exceeds the instructions, bad for teeth. (Lengguang whitening has been popular in foreign countries for many years, because this relative price is more favorable, and most people believe that teeth are representative of the quality of life. As far as I know, some developed countries check their teeth every three months and wash their teeth once a year, Whitening your teeth once every three years is already a very common thing.)

Add a coat to the teeth: Resin veneer whitening is to carve the shape of the tooth filling resin outside the teeth to cover the original color. Because this method has high technical requirements for doctors, if it is not done well, it is easy to produce gingivitis and periodontitis or easy to fall off, and it is slowly eliminated in clinical practice. And the “6D unmolded gorgeous porcelain whitening” advertised by many beauty salons is this. I have taken a bite of the “6D” whitening done in the beauty salon. The patient’s oral gums are inflamed and bleeding every day. Now I am looking for a lawsuit in the beauty salon. The beauty salon depends on the “oral beautician”. The beautician runs Alright~ so please go to the hospital for dental treatment? This resin veneer, if done, is about 300 teeth. (Now there is one called: Resin Aesthetics Repair, which can only be done by doctors who have deep knowledge in resin aesthetics. That kind of resin veneer is made without losing the effect of all-ceramic veneer, but such doctors are relatively few. Generally, In the top three hospitals, you can find several doctors who specialize in resin aesthetic restoration.)

whiten teeth scientifically

Finally, it is the longest effective way: all-ceramic veneer. This is not resin or anything else. This is a full-ceramic veneer that requires grinding a certain amount of teeth, taking a model, and sending it to an all-ceramic tooth manufacturer. It is very hard and feels like a porcelain bowl and porcelain plate. It is very thin and can cover the big flower teeth like fluorosis. Very similar to the loss of teeth. If your teeth are tidy, the amount of grinding is a little less, if you have a large tooth gap, the amount of grinding is less, if you have a messy tooth and you want to change the appearance, this kind of grinding is relatively more. But the all-ceramic veneer is much less abrasive than the porcelain tooth and the full crown. The veneer sticks very firmly and can hardly be removed, which means that it can basically achieve permanent whitening. Because it is designed and manufactured by computer, the protection of the gums is also very good, and it will hardly cause gum damage (unless you find another doctor with two knives). There is only one disadvantage, which is relatively expensive. One should now go up at 3000 yuan.



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