How to Whiten Teeth with Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda?

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How to Whiten Teeth with Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda?

In today’s perfect world, who doesn’t want everything to be perfect? Everybody today is in search of whiter teeth and a perfect smile. And then why not? The first impression is the last. A bright smile doesn’t just set a good mood, but is also very attractive.

As teeth whitening becomes more popular, more products have made their way to the market, but not everyone wants to invest in these expensive products. That’s when home remedies for teeth whitening come to the rescue.

Whitening teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is one of the most commonly used home remedies. Let’s learn about whitening teeth with this method.

How to Use Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide to Whiten Teeth 

baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening

To brighten your teeth using this method, follow these simple steps.

  1. Take half or a little more teaspoon of baking soda.
  2. Take half a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. 
  3. Add a little water and mix them in a small bowl or dish until they combine to form a sticky semi-liquid.
  4. This semi-liquid consistency should resemble toothpaste. 
  5. Apply this toothpaste mixture to your teeth and let it sit for about one or two minutes. 
  6. After 2 minutes, rinse the mouth with mouthwash or water.

How Does this Work?

How does this method of using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide work? Baking soda is a substance that bleaches the teeth with an oxidative process. When mixed with water, an alkaline solution is formed that will free bleach the teeth and remove stains. The free radicals from this alkaline solution help to bleach the teeth.

Moreover, baking soda also prevents the build-up of bacteria on the teeth. It also maintains the acidity levels of the mouth, thereby tackling bad breath.

Similarly, hydrogen peroxide works by breaking down teeth stains and dissolving them using an oxidative process. It works as a natural bleaching agent and helps kill bacteria.

So, what happens when you mix both of them? You get the best teeth whitening solution!

In a nutshell, both the ingredients are great bleaching agents that will remove stains from the teeth, leaving them whiter and shinier!

What are the Risks?

baking soda

While hydrogen peroxide and baking soda together is a great way to whiten teeth, it does pose a slight risk when used excessively. The American Dental Association suggests that a concentration of hydrogen peroxide above 3.6% can damage the teeth.

Similarly, baking soda is a mildly abrasive substance that can scratch off sensitive parts of your teeth when used excessively. Some other problems that can develop if these substances are used the wrong way include gum irritation, enamel damage, and extreme tooth sensitivity. 


So, while using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide together to whiten teeth can be a great alternative to other costly methods, you should not use them excessively to avoid causing any harm to your teeth.

Nevertheless, if you want to whiten your teeth using this method, follow the steps given above.

Here is a list of teeth whitening foods that will help you to make your smile more beautiful and attractive.  


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