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Invisalign for Kids

Many children develop their permanent teeth by the age of 13. Since this is a start for their teenage years, they’ll see multiple changes happening in their bodies, which they may start feeling self-conscious about, especially when other people notice. 

Your child’s smile and teeth are one of these significant changes, and if your child is suffering from crooked teeth or needs an overbite correction, then getting them treated at an early age is a great option. If this is the case, are you looking for an alternative to traditional metal braces? If your answer is yes to these questions, then Invisalign is your best possible option. Here are the factors to consider when choosing Invisalign clear aligners for your child. 

1. Invisalign Helps To Correct Orthodontic Issues In The Early Stages

Correct Orthodontic Issues In The Early Stages

There is no fixed age to get help with orthodontic treatment, and children can get a dental checkup done when their permanent teeth start coming up. Usually, 7 is the age when children start developing their permanent teeth, and it is recommended that parents take their children to the dentist in this period to get them checked for dental issues like gap teeth and bad bites.

Getting Invisalign treatment at an early stage can help your child to fix problems like: 

  • Overcrowding
  • Gap teeth
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Crossbite

2. Invisalign Offers A Unique Way Of Straightening Teeth

Do straight teeth make you more attractive

Traditional metal braces make use of wires and brackets to straighten your teeth. These are easily visible when you smile or talk, and some people find it weird. 

On the other hand, Invisalign offers you completely clear, removable aligners, so people usually change them two to three weeks after use. These aren’t easily visible and offer many more advantages over your traditional braces, and hence, many people now prefer getting Invisalign over conventional braces. 

3. Invisalign Takes Less Time Compared To Traditional Braces.

Invisalign takes less time Compared To Traditional Braces

Your children often get tired after a long day of school and tuition and taking them to a dentist after this can sometimes irritate them. This will also eliminate the time they use to enjoy their hobbies. However, when you switch to Invisalign for kids, you can avoid taking frequent trips to your dentist for their adjustment. 

With Invisalign clear aligners, you can make adjustments directly at home simply by changing an aligner every few weeks. This leads to fewer dental visits, and in addition to this, Invisalign is known to fix teeth faster than the traditional metal braces. 

4. Your Child May Feel More Confident Without Metal Braces. 

Child More Confident Without Metal Braces. 

Metal braces can help you fix your teeth, but they significantly affect your looks since they can be seen when you smile or talk. This makes a lot of children feel insecure about their smile and if your child suffers from the idea of getting braces for the same reason, then switching to Invisalign is the right option.

With the help of Invisalign clear braces, the looks of your child’s smile aren’t affected much since those braces are rarely visible. Since there are no wires, Invisalign decreases the chances of food getting stuck between the braces while eating lunch or dinner. 

5. Invisalign Helps To Decrease The Risk Of Cavities

Invisalign Helps To Decrease The Risk Of Cavities

Compared with traditional braces, Invisalign helps decrease the risk of cavities, which makes them unique. As a parent, it becomes essential for you to help your child to develop a solid oral routine, and when your child gets braces, he spends more time learning new tools, which ends up making them skip other tasks. This isn’t the case with getting Invisalign because your kids can remove the aligners while eating and brushing their teeth. There’s no change to their oral hygiene routine since they have to clean their aligners. 

6. Invisalign Is Easy To Clean

How to Clean Retainers

Invisalign clear aligners are removable, which makes them easy to clean. Your child can continue following his routine when you get Invisalign clear aligners because he doesn’t have to go through the hassle of flossing around brackets. 

7. Invisalign Appearance


The visibility and invisibility of the braces are a primary concern for many children. Still, you don’t want to compromise on the treatment because of the looks. However, Invisalign works better than the traditional braces, so you can get them with complete confidence for your child without compromising on the results. 


Choosing Invisalign braces over traditional braces is one of the most recommended advice for straightening teeth. You know your child better than anyone, and you alone can make the best decision while choosing between traditional braces and Invisalign aligners. 
If your child has expressed interest in using Invisalign to straighten their smiles, they may be on the right track. If you are still unsure whether Invisalign is right for your child, you can always contact  Brite Orthodontics for more information about making the best choice for your child’s smile.


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