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Dental laboratories produce and personalize accessories related to oral cavity and teeth to supply aid in oral healthcare by dentists. The dental lab accessories include crowns, bridges, dentures, and many other things. Dental lab technicians follow the instructions from some dentists that are recognized before producing products that might include prosthetic and therapeutic devices. These include orthodontic devices as well. The FDA regulates these laws through which these products are being manufactured and produced on particularly good terms with the finest quality. In many cases, they are different from the registration guidelines for manufacturing. Dental crowns, bridges, or dentures are some good examples of products that are being manufactured in the dental lab. Dental implants are considered as one of the most recent and advanced rising fields of dentistry.

Dental technicians

A dental technician is a member of the dental team who manufactures the dental accessories and on the prescription of the dentist supplies custom dental accessories to the patients.

There are four major domains of dental technologies. There are fixed products like mouthparts, bridges for the teeth dentures, res or crowns for shaping up the teeth for balancing them and for keeping them in the same line. The dental technicians manufacture the products and give the customers the best of what they have. The most important of dentistry is the dental impression which leads the patient to the dental tools from the dental labs. A technologist then further used this dental impression for the manufacturing of the dental products.  

Dental restoration

It has two types  


This is designed specifically to replace the tooth or teeth which might be damaged and lost due to some injury or accident. These restorations are somehow different from other restoration processes and cannot be removed by the patient when once implanted by the dentists. This type of restoration includes crowns, bridges inlays or onlays, etc.


This restoration is the same as replacing one or more teeth from the mouth, but it can be removed by the patient whenever he wants to remove it. These are temporary restorations implanted by the dentist. This type includes wires, springs, and screws. Overdentures and partial dentures are also including in this category.  

There are many dental labs that are offering their products for online sale and purchase. They give their products online and people can easily order them by sitting at their home. Dental Laboratorio is one of them.  

Dentallaboratorio is one of the dental lab materials that is providing dental accessories and equipment online by serving dental technicians with dental products. It supplies all dental lab modern products like index dental lab series, dental laboratory equipment series, and many more. There are also digital dental lab products like cad cam dental lab consumable products i.e. dental zirconia ceramic block series, peek dental material, dental alloy product series, dental pmma, dental cad cam wax, dental lab milling supplies series that are offering online services for a customer.

They delivered all their products within the time and even before to the overseas client as well. Buying of some heavy lab equipment with larger may take up to 4 to 5 days in delivering process. There are some products mentioned below that are offered by the online store of detallaboratorio.


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3D multilayer Sirona cerec dental zirconia block

This product has a 3D structure and multilayer color which needs no further operations. It is suitable for interior or exterior crowns and bridges. It has high transparency and amazing strength which keeps it durable for a long time. It has cirona inlab cerec system.  

Pindex dental machine

This product has a one-touch drilling ability automatically. It helps in saving time and works in just 8 minutes. It has features of precision, stability, and silence quality. It also has a laser sign in it. It has an ambient temperature and relative humidity of 81% at 31C. It has a maximum altitude of 1500m. The working of this machine is a giro form model system.  

Dental hp tungsten carbide burs-double head

This product has double head carbide furs with proper finishing. It has tungsten carbide buns for laboratory use only. And the double fit exactly into the dental lab handpiece. The package includes 10 pcs of it. It is for the dentists’ use only.

Dental material lab

Arum dental burs for lithium dislocate

This product is arum dental cad cam compatibility. It features highly professional use and its length is 50mm. the milling can be done with this product and the milling ability is around 30 pcs of working parts. This product comes in two sizes. Its application is in lithium disilicate cad cam dental blocks. The size varies from 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, and 2.5mm.  

Sirona cerec 3 burs

This product featured the coating of diamond on it which gives better results. It is 1005 compatible enough with Sirona care 3 and in-lab compact. It has cylinder burs with points and the cutting ability is 30pc unit. It is also featured for milling glass of lithium ceramics disilicate and hybrid ceramic. The different types of Sirona cerec 3 bur available with different sixes which are given below.

Cylinder pointed bur with the size of 9.32 ced

Step bur 12 with the size of 13.3 ced

And step bur 10 with the size of 11.5 ced.


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