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emergency dentist

With so many types of dental concerns, it may be difficult to decide whether it is an emergency or not. Majorly we only see a dentist when we need to get rid of a tooth. Sometimes it is a toothache or swollen gums, but how do you decide which one is urgent.

To know which are urgent signs to see an emergency dentist, keep reading the guide below and make sure to visit a “dentist near me” when you face these circumstances.

emergency dentist

Signs You Need Emergency Dental Treatment

Here are five signs that you must make an emergency dentist’s appointment as soon as possible.

1. You have a swollen mouth or jaw.

Swollen jaws mouth/gums can be the result of several things. This can be caused by infection, swollen lymph nodes, and in very rare cases, possibly due to cancer. As we mentioned, this is also a sign of gum disease. Because there is no way for you to find out which causes swelling, the best is to schedule a dental appointment.

The best place you can find is John G. Kostides D.D.S., P.C. in Merriville, Indiana. They provide the best treatment, and you will feel at home. Must try for general or emergencies.

2. You have an unbearable toothache.

Toothache that cannot be explained, persistent, and severe can signify gum disease and infection. If the pain is small, try some solutions at home first. But if the severity increases or the pain does not disappear, it’s time to contact your emergency dentist. In the worst-case scenario, you might have unreasonable teeth.

Feel around the gums to see if lumps near the teeth cause you to get sick. Other signs that must be considered include fever, dental sensitivity, and swelling in the mouth or face. If you have these symptoms, find an emergency teeth clinic immediately.

3. You have broken teeth.

If your teeth break out and you experience no pain, it’s normal, not an emergency condition. If your teeth are only peeled off, and you do not experience pain, there is no need to call an emergency dentist. In general, permanent or eliminated teeth will cause extreme pain.

Looking for urgent dental care will not only help pain management but can also help save your teeth? If all teeth are eliminated, place them in a cup of milk until you can receive emergency teeth treatment. This will increase the possibility of preserving and re-entering teeth.

4. Your gums are bleeding.

It is not an emergency if your gums bleed a little after flossing or if you have gum disease. But if the bleeding is severe, continuous, and coupled with pain or swelling, it is essential to see your dentist. Unresolved bleeding can be a sign of periodontal disease.

5. Your mouth feels like a coin.

Tasting metal in your mouth often signifies that your crown or stuffing becomes loose. It is important to visit emergency dental care for this as an available charge can be an invitation for infection and cavities. Waiting for too long will increase the possibility of requiring root channels to fix the problem.

Do you need dental treatment immediately?

If you experience all abnormalities in your teeth, gums, or mouths, it is important to find emergency teeth care. Early detection of any problem is important for oral health and overall welfare.

Merriville Family Dentist is an emergency and general dentist’s office that offers this kind of treatment. Take advantage of our service by calling and booking an appointment before your visit.


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