Novocain Drug usage, Information and Important facts

how long does it take for Novocaine to wear off

A famous procaine brand which is called Novocain. It is a drug used for carrying out different dental surgical processes like tooth extraction, root canal surgery or Maryland bridge treatment. It resists the brain to send pain signals to the body so that the body doesn’t feel any pain and stays numb as long as in the effect of Novocain. It has specific timing to wear off. But in some cases the time of anesthesia numbness is required to last for a longer time, so another drug is combined with Novocain to last the effect.

How long does it last?

Whenever a patient is going for dental surgery, they always ask the same question how long does the numbness last which means how long does it take for Novocaine to wear off? It usually lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. It is anesthesia usually used in dental surgeries. It can be used for more than dental purposes. The timing of wearing off also depends on several factors:

  • The higher the dose, the longer it will last. It depends on what kind of procedure is performed. The root canal will require it more than the simple tooth extraction
  • The effect of anesthesia may vary from person to person. It is how the body breaks down Novocain. There is an enzyme that breaks down the drug into the body. With this condition, deficiency can cause numbness for a longer time.

After effects

it is widely used anesthesia and probably the most popular one too. There are few side effects after the doze mentioned below

  • It is injected by a syringe in the infected area. that area might have a tickling and minor pain feeling
  • After all its anesthesia one will feel dizzy
  • You might feel heaviness in the head
  • There might be twitching of muscles.


These were mild side effects every normal patient will over go. There might be an allergic reaction to Novocain and the symptoms might be:

  • Too much swelling of jaws
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Itching around the infected area
  • Chest pain
  • Or vomiting

These are rare symptoms but if you feel any rush to the doctor ASAP! Or if you feel any discomfort during the surgery let your doctor know immediately.

Usage of Novocain

The usage of Novocain is the same all around the world. The dose is given keeping in mind about the procedure. It is an essential step. More or less could be dangerous. You should be precise about the dosage. If a person already is infected, then anesthesia will be less effective. Due to infection, the acidity is increased which is increase the ph level and thus local anesthesia is less effective. To determine the length of an area for remaining numb is to combine Novocain with epinephrine. It shrinks the blood vessels thus reducing the blood flow around the area thus keeping the anesthesia confined to the infected place. After such a critical procedure just keeps in mind not going through the same procedure and taking care of yourself.





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