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Orthodontics Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment: A smile is something that can light up a room any day. More importantly, smiles are like little gift tokens we give to our friends. But what happens when you are not comfortable showing off your smile? Well, if you are looking for a solution to your orthodontics problem, then listen up closely!

With the current advancements in dental surgery, you can now afford a smile. You don’t have to shy away or simply contain your happiness. And, with a little help from the best dental surgery team, you will have that desired smile.

One of the major contributors to your smiling issue is misalignment or even crooked teeth. This can really affect your self-esteem and in the end, damage your confidence around your family and friends. But don’t worry, there’s a solution for you. Keep on reading and I’ll show you.

What is Orthodontic Treatment?

I’m sure through your own personal research, you must have come across this word. Dentistry is quite a vast field and each dental practitioner has the chance to specialize in one of them. Orthodontics is simply one of the many branches in dentistry.

To be more specific, Orthodontics is a field in dentistry where you specialize in perfecting the smiles of your patients using specific devices. The condition that leads to misalignment of your teeth is known as malocclusion. Above all, the treatment can be cosmetic but it also aims at improving the overall oral function.

There are different approaches especially when it comes to orthodontic treatment. That will majorly depend on what problem the procedure is meant to fix.

Types of Orthodontics treatment

An orthodontist (a dentist who’s specialized in correcting malocclusions) can carry out the treatment procedure to close a wide gap between the teeth, straighten crooked teeth, improve chewing, improve the health of your gums and also treat improper bites. This will, in the end, improve the structure of your face and give you that desired smile.

The treatment will also improve the health of your teeth, lead to better speech and also improve your chewing capability. Additionally, it will also protect your teeth from decaying. To get the desired results, orthodontics will use different equipment including plates, headgears, and braces.

Orthodontics Treatment

Devices Used in Orthodontics Treatments

There are four main categories of appliances used to correct malocclusions. They include:

1. Fixed Braces

This is actually the most common orthodontics appliance when it comes to treating misalignment of teeth. Fixed braces can be used when the patient requires a teeth correction or when the orthodontist is trying to prevent the problem from manifesting again in the near future.

When you have this device on, you will be able to eat normally. However, there are certain types of foods that you are recommended to avoid including toffee, fizzy drinks, and hard sweets. That’s because they will damage the appliance and can also affect your teeth.

More to that, if you have this appliance on when you are playing games such as American Football, you should wear gum shields. That will help protect both your mouth and the appliance from damage or any injury. We all know that such games could get rough sometimes.

These fixed braces are made from metal. Therefore, they are noticeable especially when you try to smile with them. But that shouldn’t affect your happiness since, in the long run, you will be able to get that perfect smile.

In recent times, however, orthodontists now offer clear plastic braces or even ceramic ones. They are also known as Invisalign. Invisalign cost is generally higher when compared to the metallic braces. You should also remember that the use of  Invisalign depends on the tooth position and the particular problem.

2. Removable Braces

Just like the fixed braces, the removable braces can be used to fix the misalignment of the patient’s teeth. The only difference is; removable braces are only used to fix minor dental problems or even as part of the fixed braces.

Additionally, removable braces can be used to detour your child from sucking his or her finger. Even with the fact that these braces are removable, they should only be taken out of the mouth as a precaution during intense activities such as cycling or for cleaning purposes. Make sure you talk to your Orthodontist for further clarifications.

3. Headgear

This type of device is used to keep the front teeth in place when treating them or to hold the position of the back teeth. Most patients are only able to wear this headgear at certain times of the day especially in the evening or when asleep. That’s because when you wear this device, you will not be able to eat or even drink.

4. Functional Appliances

These are devices that are used to treat the position of either the upper or lower jaw together with the teeth in both cases. Most patients wear these devices all the time. But you should always remember to follow the orthodontist’s instructions about when and how to wear this device.

In case you don’t wear the device properly, there’s a high chance that the treatment will not work. You should also remove the device when you are about to eat or when cleaning it. That will help you maintain good oral hygiene.


Orthodontics Treatment

Where can I get an Orthodontic Treatment in Tulsa?

There are thousands of dentists out there who can help you with your misalignment problem. But if you want to get the best treatment, then you should consider Orthodontist Tulsa. They offer the best services in the business.

Dentist Vs. Orthodontist

Your family dentist will likely recommend you to an orthodontist or he will be able to fix your misalignment of teeth on his own. Only a small percentage of dentists have specialized in orthodontics. A dentist, on the other hand, has a better understanding of the broader oral health which includes infections and dealing with gum and teeth defects.

An orthodontist only deals with an issue that is related to the alignment of your teeth and bites. All in all, ensure your dentist is qualified for orthodontic treatments.


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