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This page is about the privacy policy of CardsDental and the terms ’we,” “our,” or “us” might be used to refer to the “website/site.” By accessing this site, you agree to this privacy policy.

What information do we collect?

CardsDental may collect data regarding your name, demographic, contact, and insurance. Moreover, the medical data might also be collected to review patient history. Other information can include your career and background information.

Do note that providing all the information is not necessary. You may choose to refrain from a few. However, in certain cases, it might be required from you.

Apart from the above information that we collect, your system and user information is also read as you browse our website.

How do we use your information?

We don’t collect any data unnecessarily. There is a purpose related to this collection. The data relating to yourself i.e. your name, demographic data, information, and other details are required for communication. From receiving critical information and emails to newsletters, things can only be sent and done if we possess the right contact information.

Moreover, the information is also used to make our website better for our visitors. Data collection helps us in improving our website and provides you the services and information that you seek.

Information storage and security

Some of the information that you provide to us is stored under an anonymous ticket. Apart from that, the details about your contact and background are important for our staff to communicate with you. We at CardsDental assure that all the information is kept safe and is not misused by any third party. We strive hard to secure the website and we would never wish anyone to have his or her hands on your valuable information. Therefore, we fulfill the standard web security requirements.

How Users can request their data deletion or Account?

Users can easily hide their personal information by the privacy setting on their profile, or you can request for deletion or deactivation of your account by security settings on their profile, after deletion of your account your data will be no longer available on cards dental.


Information sharing policy

We believe in privacy and we hate to share information of our visitors with any third party. However, there are certain circumstances when we may have to share it with our partners. Misuse of your information by any third party is not encouraged by us and we shall not be held responsible for the way third parties are using your information. Moreover, in case you publicly post any information about yourself, you are responsible for it.

CardsDental does its best to protect the information of its visitors and users, and shall not be held liable in case of any data breach or misuse of information from third parties.

The privacy policy is subject to change and can be altered at any hour of the day without prior notice.

Disclaimer: All information on this site is provided for informational purposes only.