Simple Dental Procedures to Improve Your Smile

Simple Dental Procedures to Improve Your Smile

The way we smile can have a huge impact on our lives – as well as those around us. Not only is smiling an extremely positive emotion to experience internally, it can also affect the mood of others. However, for many people, the thought of smiling openly simply isn’t an option due to dental problems such as unsightly teeth. If that sounds like you, thankfully there is now a huge range of relatively small dental procedures that could help you achieve a better smile through modern dentistry practices and techniques.

Wearing Braces

wearing braces to improve your smile

Braces can help fix crooked or crowded teeth, improving a person’s smile and making them feel more confident. Braces can even help straighten the jawline. While once the options were quite limited when it came to fitting braces, new, far more subtle techniques are possible including invisible braces made from transparent materials and so-called lingual braces (read all different dental braces) that are fitted to the back of the teeth, making them far more discrete. Find out how much does it cost to get invisible braces. Teeth correction through wearing braces usually involves two stages – the first where the patient wears the braces and a second stage that involves wearing a retainer to ensure the teeth stay in place.

Read about ceramic braces in detail.

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Teeth Whitening

Woman Teeth Before and After Whitening

As we age, our teeth often naturally lose their sparkling white color due, in most cases, to a thinning of the enamel, which exposes the natural yellow-colored dentin underneath. Other contributing factors to discolored teeth include drinking coffee or smoking. Thankfully, discolored teeth are not a condition you need to tolerate and a simple and relatively easy teeth-whitening procedure can see them returned to their previous glory. As well as your qualified dentist, you could also visit a specialist teeth whitening business that will perform the work, usually by applying a chemical treatment to lighten the color of the teeth.

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Fitting a Crown

fitting a crown on teeth to improve your smile

A crown is normally fitted above a damaged tooth to restore its shape and function. Crowns are also frequently fitted to cover up discolored, broken, or worn-down teeth making them the perfect choice for small-scale reparative dental work.

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Adding Veneers to Teeth

adding veneers to teeth to improve your smile

Veneers are normally produced from plastic or porcelain and are designed to be fitted over the front-facing side of the teeth to improve the appearance of worn, discolored, or chipped/damaged teeth. Fitting veneers can give a long-lasting, restored smile so are a popular choice for those living with a sub-optimal smile.

Here is a detailed guide on dental veneers.

Fitting Dentures

fitting dentures to improve your smile

Dentures are often constructed from acrylic resin, metal, or porcelain and can be used to replace several teeth or even a full set. They are often removable, requiring the user to use gum or paste to keep them stuck in place. Dentures can be a very good solution for those that have lost multiple teeth but don’t want to go the considerably more complex and detailed route of fitting dental implants.

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Using Bonding on Teeth

dental bonding to improve your smile

In bonding, your dentist will fill gaps between your teeth with a special hardening solution. Bonding is also an effective answer for repairing small cavities or chipped teeth. The entire bonding procedure is usually quick and easy and can be performed in a single visit to the dentist.

There are some other different treatments for broken and chipped teeth that can help improve your smile.

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