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Cold Sores

This annoying lesion occurs in the area of ​​the oral mucosa, on the lips, or around the mouth and that is popularly known as fever or pupa, is caused by the herpes virus type 1.

The herpes virus normally enters your body during childhood (through contact with infected skin or mucosa), travels by a nerve ending to a ganglion, and stays “to live” there forever. Choose to write natural remedies to make them more accessible to everyone.

Ways Effective for Speed up Healing Time of Cold Sores

We always realize that we have cold sores at the time when the blister is coming out, for this case there are different alternatives that will help to alleviate the injuries and discomfort that this can cause us.

Before doing any natural treatment, it is recommended to clean the affected area very well with water and antiseptic soap to prevent the virus from spreading further.

Speed up Healing Time of Cold Sores

Garlic treatment

Garlic is an ideal natural antiviral to fight herpes, all you have to do is split clove of garlic in half and rub it on the blister for a few seconds.

Milk treatment

Milk has high contents of lysine which is a component that helps to inhibit the amino acid called arginine which is the amino acid that causes outbreaks of cold sores. With a milk treatment, you can accelerate the healing process of this disease, for this the only thing you should do is moisten cotton with milk and rub it on the blister.

Ice treatment

At the first sensation of swelling or tingling in the area of ​​the lips, it is recommended to apply a bag full of ice wrapped in a towel for a couple of minutes.

Treatment with black tea

To relieve pain and accelerate the healing process of cold sores, you can put a compress of black tea on the affected area.

Treatment of tomato and aloe vera

Clean the affected area daily and then apply a bit of tomato pulp on it, let it act for a minute and place a little aloe vera which will help dry the blister.

Treatment with lemon

The lemon has disinfectant and antiseptic properties that will help fight the cold sore virus, for this you will have to apply about 4 drops of lemon on the ampoule 3 times a day.

Yogurt treatment

The yogurt contains a substance that eliminates the cold sore virus and cleans the affected area. It is recommended to take yogurt during the time you have the disease, you can also use it to apply directly on the blister and in this case, it is recommended that it is very cold.

Treatment with green tomato

Mix the pulp of green tomato with a tablespoon of baking soda, apply it to the affected area using a cotton ball.

Treatment with honey of bees

Mix a teaspoon of pure honey with a little vinegar, apply on the affected area 3 or 4 times a day.

Salt treatment

With a spoon, press the salt until it completely dissolves, apply on the affected area using a cotton ball and repeat the procedure 2 or 3 times a day.

treating cold sores naturally

Recommendations for better results

In addition to treating cold sores naturally, you must take into account certain aspects of hygiene and safety that will help you to completely eliminate the virus in order to find quick relief and without further spread.

For the blisters to dry as soon as possible remember that it is very important to clean them every day.

Do not break the blister or remove dead skin in case of dryness, this will be relieved as soon as the virus disappears.

Once you finish your treatment, discard all the products and elements that had contact with the wound, such as the toothbrush, the razor blades, makeup products, among others.

Suspend food with arginine components, this component is an essential amino acid for the metabolism of the herpes virus and prolongs its presence in our body. Among foods with high contents of this compound are chocolate, cola drinks, peas, peanuts, gelatin, and walnuts.

The symptoms of cold sores

The symptoms of cold sores

The symptoms may be different in each person (and even in the same person in different outbreaks), but the usual thing is that, before the lesions come out, herpes “warns” with itching on the lips or near the mouth, tingling and, even, burning sensation.

Finally, small blisters or vesicles appear that end up transforming into crusts. When they fall, they leave the skin pink.

In general, the first episode is more severe and prolonged in time, while the later episodes tend to be milder and their duration is usually shorter.

Precautions to Avoid the Contagio

If you have a cold sore, follow these precautions:

Eye with the towels. Herpes viruses are very contagious and can be easily contracted by sharing towels or sheets with someone who is suffering an outbreak.

In the table. Any object in direct contact with the injuries or saliva of the affected person, such as cutlery, glasses, napkins, can be a source of contagion. Avoid for the same reason the dishes to share, such as a salad, since when using your cutlery in them you can favor the contagion.

Personal items. Tweezers, lipsticks, make-up and brushes, facial hair removal devices, razor blades … neither should they be shared. And although they are only used by the person suffering from herpes, once cured, the lesions must be disinfected or discarded (such as lipstick) to avoid auto-contagion and a new outbreak.

Kisses. Avoid them until the lesions are completely healed.

cold sores


The symptoms can last several days, but even without treatment, they end up disappearing in one or two weeks. It is very important that you do not touch the lesion or start the scab so that it does not spread and the area regenerates without leaving a scar.

Invisible patches help accelerate healing. They must be used when the virus “warns” that it will appear to reduce the itching, the burning sensation, inflammation, and even the formation of blisters and crusts. In addition, by covering the area, the risk of infection is reduced.

Although there are no drugs to eliminate the virus, since it always remains in the body, antivirals can help the lesions to heal sooner or take longer to reappear. But they should always be prescribed by the doctor and are usually indicated for those who suffer from cold sores frequently.

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