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A dentist who is also called a dental surgeon belongs to the field of dentistry. Dentists eliminate tooth rot, fill pits, and fix cracked teeth. Dentists determine and treat issues of patients’ teeth, their gums, and mouth’s different parts. They give counsel and guidance on dealing with the teeth and gums and on eating routine decisions that influence oral wellbeing.

There are a number of dental clinics all around the world where dentistry services are provided but if you want to have the best dental treatments, then Maple Ridge dentist and Coquitlam dentist are perfect for you.

The dentists and the other staff are highly qualified and experienced, therefore, they can deal with all your oral health problems and can give you oral health advice well. The dentist, hygienists, and technicians are trained, and they continue their education so that they stay familiar with the advanced techniques and equipment of dentistry.

Kids, teens, and adults all are welcomed. Your tooth will be treated with sincerity and integrity. Moreover, your dental expenses will be at their lowest. The dentists will try their best to give you much less pain, so you do not feel uncomfortable and nervous. They will continuously counsel you regarding your condition and will boost your confidence. This is how it will be easy for you to fight your dental problem with strength and the treatment will work in a better way.

There is easy transportation, and free parking will be provided to you as well. You can also take a wheelchair if you want to. The most incredible thing is you can speak in any of these languages – Mandarin, Persian, Arabic, and English, this means you are welcomed in whatever language you prefer. There will not be any chances of miscommunication, and it will be quite easier for you to communicate with the staff and consult with the dentist regarding your dental problems.


  • Atmosphere:

The atmosphere is really calm and makes the patients feel comfortable. The team will be there for you to make you feel secured. The patient’s comfort is the first priority. The team is quite humble and welcoming, if you feel anxious, they will counsel you in such a way that you will start feeling relaxed.


  • New patients:

If you are visiting for the first time, it will be better if you visit 15-20 minutes before your appointment, because you will have to fill the forms before the beginning of the treatment. You will also have to bring with you the prescriptions or reports of your on-going or past medical treatment history. You have to inform about any medications that you are taking. While filling the form, don’t feel nervous, because the friendly staff will help you in this task.


  • Appointment reminders:

If you have taken an appointment, the staff will E-mail or message you to remind you that you have to come for the check-up. You will receive a regular E-newsletter as well, and that is why the team asks for your Email ID. But do not worry, your personal information is confidential, and it will not be shared with any other company.


  • Missed Appointment Policy:

It is your responsibility to remember the date of your appointment, but if due to any reason you are unable to attend an appointment, 24 hours’ notice is required, otherwise you will have to pay the fee.


Maple Ridge dentist


Dental services

Corrective dentistry:

If you have spacing or misalignment of your teeth, the team will help you to determine which method is most appropriate for your lifestyle and dental care. They will also tell you which treatment should be taken for this problem and will provide you the best service.


Regular check-ups and cleaning:

They will help you to maintain your oral hygiene so that you stay safe from tooth decay, cavities, and gum diseases. You can visit every six months for professional cleaning, this will safeguard your smile. The team will also remove the plaque from your tooth which cannot go away by simply brushing, and they will also warn you if there are any signs of decay or damage.


Innovative technology:

The most advanced, modern, and up-to-date technology is used for treating dental issues and the clinics conduct the treatment with high accuracy and effectiveness.  Now you do not have to go for traditional dental X-rays to waste your time. The team utilizes non-intrusive, easy gear to in a flash deliver high-goal dental pictures that permit its dental specialist to recognize issues, for example, tooth rot, worn finish, gum infection, or miniature cracks that would typically stay undetected.



False teeth are an extraordinary method to recover youth and feel sure about your grin once more. Eat, talk, and grin with the true serenity that your teeth are consistently at their absolute best. A few sorts of false teeth are provided, alongside administrations to keep up them to the most extreme quality.


Oral Cancer Screening:

An innovative VELscope system is used for the assessment of your oral health. This is not much time-consuming, and will clearly detect any oral abnormality if there is any.


Root Canal Therapy:

If your root canal has become infected, due to decay or cavities, you will get superior treatment and service.


Wisdom Teeth Removal:

If you want your wisdom teeth to get removed due to less space for it to fit properly between other teeth, you can get it removed with very less pain, and will start feeling better within few days after the removal.



All kinds of traditional crowns such as ceramic, porcelain (fused to metal), gold alloys, and bass metal alloys are available. The placement of the crown is done very carefully, and the cementing is also done properly.


Intraoral Camera:

The intraoral camera will diagnose dental issues such as any cracked teeth or tooth decay. And you will be educated about the state of your dental health. In real-time, you will be shown by the dentist if you have any fractured tooth or symptoms of decay. You will be able to see a clear picture of your current dental condition.



If your teeth are mild or moderately decayed, then these specific restorations are for you. Inlays are fitted into your broken teeth so that the existing healthy elements of your teeth stay undamaged. If the top section of your tooth is damaged, an onlay service will be provided to you.


Smoking Cessation:

If you want to quit smoking, then you will get a lot of support for overcoming your nicotine addiction, the cessation methods will be educated to you, and treatment options will also be given. On the other hand, your cosmetic problems due to tobacco use will be solved as well.


Digital X-rays:

Digital X-rays utilize less radiation which is a very good element. Furthermore, it will accurately and efficiently diagnose your dental problem at a faster rate, and immediate results will be given to you.


Periodontal / Gum Disease Treatment:

If you have tender or swollen gums, and if they bleed also, then periodontal/gum disease treatment will be offered to you to control the infection and different treatments will be provided to you depending on the extent of the disease. Guidelines will be given to you too for taking care of your gums.


oral health


Other services:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry:
  • Composite Resin Veneers.
  • Porcelain Veneers.
  • Smile Makeovers.
  • Oral Health:
  • Cold Sore Treatment.
  • Mouth Guards.
  • Night Guards.
  • TMJ / TMD Treatment.
  • Oral Surgery:
  • Surgical Extractions.
  • Teeth Whitening:
  • Take-Home Trays.



  • COVID-19 – patients health and safety:

There is a strict following of SOPs of COVID-19, and it is the top priority to provide safe treatments to patients. When you will visit the dental office, you will notice the following safety measures:

  1. Wearing extra personal safety equipment.
  2. A solicitation that you wear a mask at your appointment.
  3. Request to take yours and other patients’ temperatures on appearance.
  4. Approach you to wash your hands for several seconds.
  5. A solicitation that you stand by in the treatment room or your vehicle rather than the lounge area.
  6. Social distancing.
  7. Request to avoid touching the stuff around you.
  8. Avoidance of shaking hands.


  • Payment options:

There are several payment options for your convenience:

  1. Cash.
  2. Cheques.
  • Debit/Credit cards.
  1. Care credit. (It helps you to pay your expenses of dentistry in installments)
  2. Insurance. (Complimentary service from Maple Ridge Dental Care)
  3. Dental Savings Plan. (It is a membership program which involves the payment of an annual subscription fee)


  • Conclusion:

It is a guarantee that you will be satisfied and happy with the treatment given to you, and the instructions of having good dental health will help you a lot throughout your life.



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