Teeth Stains: 7 Most Common Ways People stain Their Teeth

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Teeth stains may be caused by a lot of reasons and factors, including your food, drinking, smoking, brushing, Bad oral hygiene, habits, excessive fluoride or medication and drugs use.

1.Drinking – Teeth Stains

Drinking dark liquids that leave behind a stain, such as soda coffee or tea

2.Smoking And Tobacco

Using Tobacco, such as cigarettes or dip, which contains toxic tar

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3.Fluoride use

Being exposed to excessive fluoride as a child, which results in intrinsic stains inside of the

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Poor brushing habits, leading to an excessive buildup of tartar that also stains

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5.Tooth trauma – Teeth Stains

Tooth trauma. such as being hit very hard which can cause a tooth to die

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7.Habits OR Grinding

Grinding of teeth, which can lead to cracks and dark spots


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