The Importance Of Dental Care For Seniors

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The Importance Of Dental Care For Seniors

Seniors are prone to a number of serious dental issues. From gum disease to dry mouth, these issues should be addressed and treated promptly. After all, oral health problems that are left untreated can result in other serious health problems. For seniors, caring for their dental health is every bit as essential as caring for the rest of their body. Want to know more about Dental Care for seniors? then read the full article. Below are nine reasons why seniors should focus on maintaining good oral health.

A Reduced Risk Of Heart Disease

Researchers have identified a link between periodontal disease and heart disease. Taking care of your teeth and gums can help minimize the risk of experiencing heart-related health conditions like heart attacks or strokes. Interestingly, the American Academy of Periodontology recently published an article that stated that people who suffer from periodontal disease are nearly two times more likely to develop heart disease or coronary artery disease than people who don’t. Researchers even found that oral health problems like missing teeth, cavities, and gingivitis were as accurate at predicting whether or not someone would develop heart disease as their cholesterol levels. That why Dental Care For Seniors is really important.

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Less Chance Of Developing Pneumonia

There is also a direct link between pneumonia and poor dental health. When seniors breathe in bacteria from their mouths, they are more likely to develop pneumonia than younger people. Taking care of their teeth can help minimize the number of bacteria in the mouth, reducing the risk of pneumonia. Maintaining excellent dental health is especially essential in settings like nursing homes where patients don’t have the ability to care for their teeth on their own.

A Lower Chance Of Developing Diabetes-Related Gum Infections

When blood sugar levels are too high, infections are more likely to occur in the body. This includes infections of the gums. Anyone who suffers from diabetes should be especially vigilant about caring for their teeth. Seeing the dentist regularly can also help minimize the risk of problems. If you are getting senior care then ensure that you have an in-house visit from a dentist suggest

Whiter, More Attractive Teeth

The simple act of eating or drinking certain types of foods and beverages can lead to staining of the teeth, causing them to appear darker. Similarly, the aging process also thins the surface layer of enamel on the teeth. This makes the dentin, which has a yellowish color, more visible, darkening the teeth as a result. Good dental care can help minimize staining, creating a brighter, whiter smile.

A Reduced Risk Of Gum Disease

When the teeth aren’t properly cleaned, food particles and plaque can build up on the surface. This can eventually lead to gum disease. Other issues can cause gum disease, as well, including ill-fitting dental fixtures, poor nutrition, and health conditions like diabetes or anemia. Severe gum disease can cause teeth to fall out and can also increase the risk of a number of different health conditions.

Better Control Of Dry Mouth Symptoms

Having an adequate amount of saliva in the mouth is essential for keeping the teeth and gums healthy. Many medications taken by seniors have dry mouth as one of the side effects. Similarly, radiation that is used to treat cancer can also result in a severely dry mouth when used around the head or neck. Regular dental visits can provide seniors with better control over their symptoms.

Early Detection Of Root Decay

Gums tend to recede with age. As a result, the roots of the teeth are often left exposed. Because there is no enamel on the roots to provide protection, they are especially likely to experience decay. Seeing a dentist regularly can help identify problems with decay early on so that they can be treated.

Less Risk Of Bite Issues

Losing teeth is a common side effect of aging. If missing teeth are not replaced with dentures or dental implants, the other teeth in the mouth can move around. This can create bite issues, causing pain and discomfort. It can also alter a person’s appearance. Seeing a dentist to get fitted for dentures or to get dental implants can help prevent these problems.

A Lower Chance Of Developing Stomatitis

Seniors are prone to developing a condition known as stomatitis. This condition, which is caused by poor oral hygiene, ill-fitting dentures, or a high occurrence of Candida albicans in the mouth, can result in painful inflammation. Good oral care can help prevent all of these problems. So this all the story why dental care for seniors is important!


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