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why Teeth turn Yellow

Have you ever look in to mirror and think that your teeth are turning more and more yellow? Have you ever thought that is the reason behind this? Why your teeth are turning yellow. Well, it is difficult to notice on your own because the yellowing of your teeth happens gradually which is difficult to spot on your own. Don’t worry yellowing your teeth does not mean that you have any kind of medical issue. But it does not mean that the yellowing of teeth is not a big problem. It is because every time you smile or talk to people they can see your yellow teeth and it is pretty embarrassing also. In this article, we will learn about the reason behind your teeth turning yellow

The reason why teeth turn Yellow

As I have said earlier that there is no medical problem related to the yellowing of teeth but there are many reasons due to which our teeth can turn yellow. Here are some of these reasons.

  • Smoking

Smoking is one of the biggest reasons due to which teeth changes their color to yellow. Nicotine is bad for health but the tar which is inside nicotine is pretty harmful. It can cause many oral problems including yellowing of teeth which can also lead to gum disease. Chewing of nicotine gums can also lead to the yellowing of teeth. Heavy smoker usually has complained related to yellowing of teeth.

Smoking does not change the color of teeth instantly, it happens over time and it is difficult to notice. Yellowing of teeth can also lead to embarrassment. It is better to not smoking at all because it can lead to many other problems also like lung cancer.

  • Aging

There is numerous research that shows that which increase in age your teeth also start to discolor. This includes many reasons one of them includes genes and family history. When a person starts to age his tooth starts to lay down more dentin this reduces the pulp containing the translucent effect it the teeth. Due to which the teeth start to turn yellow.

  • Enamel Thinning

Enamel is a layer that is at the top of our teeth to protect them. When the layer of enamel starts to wear out (this could happen due to many reasons). Due to the earing out of the enamel layer, the yellow dentin starts to expose. And it leads to truing of your teeth in yellow. Dentin is a yellow-brown-tinged material and exposing it is the main cause of turning our teeth into yellow color.  The color of our teeth starts to change when the enamel starts to wear off and more dentin layers are visible.

  • Faulty Diet

Bad or fault diet can also lead to the yellowing of teeth. Sauces, dark curries, and black coffee are the big sources that leave a stain on our teeth, and due to excessive intake of these types of food, your teeth can also turn yellow. This happens because they contain chemicals which are known as tannins, which are well-known for their blemishing properties. The residue to this stick without teeth and tarnishes the enamel. Soda and cold drinks also play a major role in the yellowing of our teeth. All of this food leaves a stain on our teeth.

  • Grinding

This is not that common but grinding can also lead to yellowing of teeth. There are people around the world who have a habit of grinding their teeth. They do this to release their stress. But they don’t know that this can also lead to yellowing of teeth. Some people also have a habit of grinding their teeth in sleep. Grinding also damage the enamel layer which eventually leads to the yellowing of teeth.

  • Medicines and Diseases

There are serval medicine and disease which can also lead to yellowing of teeth. Many kinds of research show that there are serval types of medicines that affect our enamel layer and it leads to yellowing of teeth. The main disease and medicine which turns your teeth yellow are Caner. When you go chemotherapy for cancer it can lead to many other problems most common one is losing your hair and losing the color of your teeth. Well, it is a simple price to pay so, that you can defeat cancer. And believe me, these problems are nothing when they are compared to cancer.

Helpful Remedies

People have asked us many times how they can get rid of yellow teeth or how they can prevent it from happening. Well here are some precautions that you can take

  • One of the most important precautions that you can take is brush and flossing daily. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day. This is because if there is any kind of stain left on your teeth then brushing your teeth will take care of it and the flossing will make sure that no food particle is left inside your teeth.
  • If you already have yellow teeth then you can use whitening toothpaste. It contains a lot of stronger ingredients inside it which will take care of your teeth.
  • You can also find whitening gel and strips which will make your teeth white. The whitening strips contain peroxide gel film on the top of it. This gel turns your teeth white. It might take a few days for the whitening strip and gel to show its result.


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