Tips and Advice for Getting Used to Your New Dentures

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Tips and Advice for Getting Used to Your New Dentures

Getting new dentures is sure to improve your life in many different ways. But as great as it might feel to be able to smile with confidence again and chew your food without problems, the first few days of having dentures can take some adjustment. There are a few things to know before you get dentures so that you’re aware of what to expect once they are fitted. You may start producing more saliva, for example, and some people develop painful spots in their mouth that will go away as you get used to the dentures. Knowing what to expect can give you more confidence and help you make the right decisions when caring for your dentures and your overall oral health.

Why Wear Dentures?

There are some harmful side effects of losing your natural teeth. It can damage the bone support that is needed to keep your mouth’s structure intact along with causing aesthetic problems. As per advice from Melbourne based denture clinic Grandstand Dental Care, dentures are made from acrylic and look like perfectly natural teeth.

Dentures can be used to keep your cheeks from sagging inwards, improve your speech, improve your ability to eat food, and protect any remaining natural teeth from future damage. As you start wearing new dentures, you’ll probably notice some side effects. These are quite common and will go away over time.

Sore Spots:

Mouth Sore Spots Due to Dentures

Developing sore spots in your mouth as a result of contact with the dentures is a common problem to be ready for. The soreness occurs as a result of the dentures beginning to settle onto the mouth’s soft tissues. As you get used to the dentures, they will usually go away. In some rare cases, sore spots can be caused by other more serious issues, so it’s always worth speaking to your dentist if your mouth is sore.

Talking Problems:

Don’t be alarmed if you are struggling to speak as normal after getting new dentures fitted. It’s not uncommon for it to take some time for you to get used to pronouncing certain worlds, especially those with ‘s’ or ‘f’ sounds. Thankfully this is a temporary problem, and the more you practice talking while wearing dentures, the easier it will be for you to get back to speaking normally.


Pain in Mouth due to Dentures

Some minor discomfort is very normal when you’re getting used to new dentures and should not be cause for concern. This can vary between people. If you had some natural teeth removed to make space for the dental plate, you may feel some pain and discomfort for a few days. Some discomfort in the jaw is also normal. You can reduce this by visiting your dentist for readjustment to make sure that the dentures are fitted correctly. It’s also recommended to remove your dentures every four hours while your jaw and gums are adjusting to having them in your mouth.

Bottom Line

Dentures can be a great way to get your smile back, but they do take some getting used to. These are some of the most common side effects to be ready for before getting dentures fitted.


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