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Tattoos are becoming more and more common nowadays. Some people like different types of tattoos. Some of them like aggressive tattoos and others like simpler and smaller tattoos. Now you can implement tattoos on any part of the body including your tongue. This might be new as tongue tattoos are not that common as compare to body tattoos.

But before, we move onto the designs and the actual tattoo process, there are some basic questions that must be answered.

Do Tongue Tattoos Hurt?

When you hear about the tattoo the first thing you think of is pain. And you might think that a tongue tattoo would hurt the most but it is not true. If you ask people who have gone through the process then they will tell you that it is the least painful place to get a tattoo. When you are getting a tattoo on your tongue it creates a numbing sensation or a gentle flicker not more than that.

The process of tongue tattoo is also really quick because of its smaller area. One of the most time taking the process of tongue tattoo is the healing process. You might feel a numb sensation or little pain on your tongue for the first few weeks. After that, once the tongue is healed it everything will be normal.

Do Tongue Tattoos Affect Your Sense of Taste?

One of the most common questions which a lot of people ask is if you lost a sense of taste after the tongue tattoo. Well, the answer is simpler and also complicated. It depends upon your artist. If your artist is experienced and knows what he/she is doing then the chances of losing the sense of taste are almost none.

But if your artist is new and doesn’t know what is he doing then losing your sense of taste is pretty high. This is the reason most of the artist don’t do tongue tattoo because they think that something can go wrong.

So, when you are going to have a tongue tattoo, then make sure that your artist is well experienced so that you don’t lose your taste buds.

Tongue Tattoo Procedure

Choose the Design

Tongue Tattoo Designs

The tongue tattoo procedure is a little bit different as compare to usual tattoos. When you are going for the tongue tattoos the first thing you have to do is to finalize the tattoo that you want. You can bring different designs and reference images and figure out the best one. You can also make a design of your own or tell the tattooist to make one for you.

Only go for the tattoos which you like the most because if you will hurry up things could end up as a disaster and later on you will regret your decision. So, take all the time you need to select the design that you want, after that you can move to the next stage which is implementing the design on the tongue.

When you are going for a tongue make sure that you have to brush your teeth and floss. You can also use mouthwash. This is because to make sure that your mouth is properly clean and sterilize. The procedure of the tongue tattoo will be a little bit different as compared to traditional body tattoo.

Making of Tongue Tattoo

making of a tongue tattoo

In a normal tattoo, an artist will use an electric gun to inject the ink into your skin but when it comes to a tongue tattoo an artist will make a design on your tongue through pigment injection. The tongue is held in the clamp and then the artist will inject the pigment directly into the capillaries of the tongue. By directly injecting the ink into the capillaries will allow the ink to disperse immediately.

The tongue is covered with a thick layer of epithelial tissue, and if we use a traditional electric tattoo gun on it then the ink will dissolve and disappear immediately. Due to this, the ink is hand injected into the tongue.

Things to Consider While Going for a Tongue Tattoo

When you are going for a tongue tattoo make sure that the artist is comfortable with this. This is because most artists are afraid to work on the tongue. After all, they think that they will damage the taste buds or anything else can go wrong.

Here are a few things you should do when you are going for a tongue tattoo.

  • Take care of your oral hygiene before the appointment
  • Make sure that your artist is comfortable with tongue tattoo
  • Read some blogs to make educate yourself
  • There is a risk of losing taste buds so only opt for that artist who is an expert in tongue tattoo

Tongue Tattoo Aftercare

Taking care of your tongue tattoo is more important as compared to any other tattoo on your body. Tongue tattoo also takes the most time to heal which is about three weeks. So, during this time you will feel a crust on the top of the tongue. Don’t worry it is normal and a stage of healing.

But due to this, you can also catch an infection so you need to take care of the infection. You can do this by taking care of your oral hygiene. Try to brush two times and day and also floss at least once a day. This is making sure that there are no bacteria left in your mouth. In the first couple of weeks, you have to take more care of your oral hygiene as compared to normal days.


Are tongue tattoos permanent? 

Yes, the tongue tattoos are permanent just like the other traditional tattoos. You get the real tattoo through needle punctures which insert ink and you get your desired tattoo.

Is it safe to tattoo your tongue?

Getting tattoo on your tongue is very safe. Infact, it causes less pain as compared to the tattoo on the other parts of body. The procedure is some sort of painless and doesn’t causes any harm.

How much time does it takes for healing of tongue after tattoo?

The healing process of tongue after getting tattoo varies. It may take few days or few weeks depending on the oral care and artist. But, the maximum time for the fully healed tongue is 3 weeks.

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