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tooth decay

Tooth decay is demineralization or softening of your tooth. Structure of the tooth is damaged by different factors like acids, bacteria, the plaque which have bacterias produce acids by the breakdown of sugar in your mouth if this form is untreated it will cause cavities formation in your teeth.


Tooth decay

Tooth Decay causes

  • poor oral hygiene
  • No proper brushing
  • Dry mouth
  • use of acidic foods
  • Medical or systemic problems
  • smoking
  • chewing tobacco

5 steps to the prevention

  • Brushing

Brush your teeth two times daily for two minutes

  • Flossing

Floss your teeth one time daily or once in a week

  • visit the Dentist

visit the dentist at least two times in one year

  • Avoid smoking

avoid smoking and smokeless tobacco also prevent you from systemic diseases

  • Eat a balanced Diet

Eat a balanced diet containing vitamins C, A & E and avoid acidic foods and beverages


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