Using SEO to Get more Dental Patients

Using SEO to Get more Dental Patients

In the modern age of digitalization, everything from sales to marketing has moved online. This drastic change has moved the search for services to search engines like Google. This means that services providers and companies now have an online platform to reach their audience, but this does not make things any easier. For dental clinics, for example, there are over 488 million search results on Google when someone looks up the keyword “dentist”. There is a great deal of competition when it comes to dentists attempting to grasp the attention of potential clients. A reasonable solution that most dentists rely on to overcome this hurdle is the use of Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO refers to the technique that is used to make a website rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), using Google’s algorithm. This technique makes use of keywords that users are most likely to use in their searches so that more quality and quantity traffic is directed towards the website. This form of optimization guarantees that a large number of relevant audiences are able to reach your website when they attempt to do so using search engines.


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Ways in which SEO can be used by dentists to increase visibility

  1. Search for the right keywords to use

In order to fully optimize a website for search engines, thorough keyword research is absolutely necessary. As much as 75% of the population reads only the first page on Google. Conducting an effective keyword search and using them on the website can ensure that the website will be close to the top of the page.

Dental practices can make good use of SEO because keywords used by patients are very specific and very likely to be relevant. Another advantage is that dental practices are extremely localized so search words will be relevant.

  1. Use a robust content-developing technique

The popular adage that “content is king” is also applicable to SEO. It is wise to regularly upload new content so that it increases the likelihood of your content increasing in the ranks of Google since it will be re-indexed more often. Incorporating different types of content including videos, blog posts, pictures, etc. will prove to be helpful. Decisions concerning the types of content and topics are crucial in Search Engine Optimization, and keeping the interests of potential customers in mind is important.

  1. Use social media to your benefit

Using social media platforms is a particularly effective strategy in increasing the credibility of your company in the audience’s mind. Doing so is beneficial as your social media pages will also appear in the search results of Google and improve the chances of your content reaching the targeted audience. Remember to optimize these social media pages for location information, cover photo, practice’s story, and services as well.

  1. Minimize lag time by optimizing your website

It is highly likely that when a website fails to load in time, the users leave the page and visit other relevant links. If you have your dental patients right where you want them, losing them at the nick of time because of delayed results must be avoided at all costs.  More often, Google simply penalizes websites that have a very slow lag time and keeps them lower in the SERPs, making your website less visible than the competitor’s pages. Several online tools can be used to identify problems that slow the website and you can use these to rectify the issue.

  1. Enable mobile responsiveness on your website

Potential patients tend to use various devices for looking up dental services and these devices all have different sizes. A website needs to be able to adapt to these dimensions if it does not want to lose its audience. Remember to make mobile responsiveness a top priority when designing the website. You might have to limit elements on the page, use fonts that are adjustable, etc.

  1. Use SEO optimized images

SEO optimized imagery is an extremely effective strategy. Dental websites can benefit most from title tags relevant to the images; including a title, caption, description, and an all-text. Names describing the images must be descriptive and should use the keywords that resulted from your initial search.

Search Engine Optimization has become more of a necessity with the rapidly growing competition and dental websites can gain a lot of traffic and thereby customers by incorporating it in their strategy. SEO for dentists is very beneficial, just like it is for all other businesses. For dentists, this strategy can increase the number of customers immensely and improve their credibility. By optimizing your website –the most useful marketing platform –you can grow your business rapidly.


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