Veneers: The Secret to a Celebrity-like Smile

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Nothing beats a great smile on the face – except maybe a cup of coffee in the morning – but aside from that, you can hardly experience a better feeling than having a wide grin. However, the appearance of your smile will be poor when you have terrible dentition.

And if you’re one with a crush on any celebrity, chances are you were drawn to their smile. But if you’re not proud of yours, it’s going to be hard to achieve your dream of charming your celeb crush with a similar smile. However, you don’t need to fret because there’s a good fix for that.

What Are Veneers?

They are teeth coverings that do more than just add a layer to the dentition. The best way to describe veneers is to see them as concealers for the teeth. What they do is provide a new outlook for your teeth by hiding the different imperfections.

So whether it’s a gap that’s a bit too wide or a chip on the tooth that’s never growing back, veneer is something you should look to invest in if you want to rock a great smile. And it’s not just about the smile; teeth functions such as eating and speech are greatly improved.

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When Is The Right Time To Get Veneers?

Okay, while veneers are most probably responsible for the smiles of your celebrity crushes, they weren’t installed on impulse. There are several factors that can prompt a visit to clinics like One Dental to have veneers fixed. Here’s a list of the common dental cases that can be remedied by veneers:

  • Misshaped teeth
  • Gap in the teeth known as diastema
  • Teeth discolouration
  • Chips or cracks in the tooth
  • Very small teeth

These are all issues that pose a threat to the heaven-sent smile you should be rocking daily. So, if you’re a victim of any of them, you should probably book an appointment to have veneers fixed.

What Are The Different Veneer Options To Choose From?

Speaking of having your veneers fixed, do you know exactly what to fix? Chances are you don’t, but this next part will change that. So, what are the different types of veneers?

  • Porcelain Veneers: These veneers are the answer to different dental aesthetic issues. They are fixed to correct a host of imperfections and are designed to be compatible with your dentition. Before they are installed, the teeth are roughened by removing little pieces of enamel. This will help keep the veneer in place.
  • Composite Veneers: This next set is not as dynamic as porcelain but offers enough correction to mild dental cosmetic issues. It includes tooth-coloured composite resin for easy blending with your dentition.

What Do You Stand To Gain From Choosing Veneers?

There are some great perks that come with adding veneers to your oral health care routine, which include:

  • They have a decent lifespan of up to 15 years when kept properly
  • Added to the lifespan is a lack of maintenance required to keep veneers
  • Veneers don’t stain easily like your natural teeth
  • Useful for restoring your smile and enhancing the appearance of your teeth

Bottom Line

So why get veneers? Well, if you’ve taken anything from today’s article, you’ll realise that veneers are great tools for achieving a perfect smile, great tooth health, and an overall boost to your esteem.


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