What Causes The Roof of Your Mouth To be Sore?

Roof of mouth itchy and sore

Having a sore on your mouth’s roof can give you constant worst feeling. Your mouth consists of three plates which act as a bridge between the nose and oral cavities. But the roof of mouth gets swollen occasionally which may bother you by resulting in many problems such as inflammation, oral infection, and swelling of the mouth. Other than these common signs you can go through the other symptoms in many cases which include high pain level, blisters, and muscle spasms. You might also suffer from time to time development of canker sores which can increase the pain with their growth.

It is important for you to understand the reason behind the time to time bulginess of the soft palate of your mouth. The cause of palate roof of mouth sore highly depends on the eating patterns or diet plans and internal infections or disease which you might be suffering from. It can also be caused by the deficiency of important minerals in your body fluids.

  • High and low electrolyte levels:

Your body fluid requires some minerals in the proper amount for the proper function of all the important systems in your body. The balancing of these minerals such as electrolytes is very necessary for the conduction of adequate functioning of body systems and these minerals are mostly found in your blood and urine. In case of when the level of electrolytes gets imbalanced, can result in a number of issues, and swelling of mouth palate is one of them.

Roof of mouth sore

  • Consumption of Alcohol on greater degrees:

If you’re an alcoholic you might observe the swelling of mouth roof which causes much discomfort while eating food later. The reason behind it is that alcohol makes your body dehydrated by encouraging you to pee more. The more you release urine out of your body the more you reach on the lower level of hydration which then makes your mouth go dry. The excessive dryness of your mouth can make the roof swell.

  • Serious health issues

Sometimes it happens to people suffering from some serious health issues like mouth cancer. It is most commonly observed in patients of oral cancer as the abnormal growth of tissues in the mouth causes swelling of mouth which can ultimately result in sores. In some situations, it is considered as a sign to some disease or internal malfunctioning of body systems. It indicates a person might suffer from hepatitis if the swelling joins the abdominal tenderness in a longer run.

  • Mouth injury:

The skin of your mouth including root is very sensitive and delicate and on eating eatables that are too hot can burn your skin. This causes blisters to occur on the burned part. Swollen mouth, sores, and blisters are very hard to handle as you face difficulties while eating and when you use your mouth for talking. It is the complete state of mouth trauma that you face after consuming hard and hot foods and hard fruits and veggies. And on scratching the swollen portion of your mouth can cause a serious effect to your oral health such as inflammation and bleeding.



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