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Temporary Teeth Replacement Options

Strong and healthy teeth are the key to eating, talking, and smiling with confidence. This can be a challenge for many people because not everyone has the perfect teeth to flaunt. A missing tooth is a common dental problem that can shatter one’s confidence. And not just that, it can cause other problems if not replaced. While the aim is always to preserve the natural teeth, sometimes removal or replacement of the tooth may be necessary.

In such a case, your dentist will have to decide the best temporary replacement teeth options for you. Even though everyone’s choice varies based on budget, situation, preference, and dental health, the common temporary tooth replacement options remain the same. Let’s have a look at these options.

What are Temporary Replacement Teeth?

One or more missing teeth can not just affect your smile but also put your oral health at risk. Regardless of how it is lost, a missing tooth will need to be replaced almost immediately. Temporary replacement teeth options are dental options that one can choose from to replace broken or missing teeth to restore your smile and confidence. There are many temporary front tooth replacement options available today that you can choose from.

Options for Temporary Teeth Replacement

Every individual will have a different preference for a temporary teeth replacement method based on the budget, situation, choice, and overall dental health. So, there are several options for temporary tooth while waiting for an implant. These options are described below. While these aren’t permanent solutions, they can work well until you are ready for a dental implant.

1. Temporary Tooth Replacement Kits

Temporary Tooth Replacement Kits

Temporary tooth replacement over-the-counter temporary tooth methods include these kits. If you can’t rush to the dentist, you can buy a Temporary tooth replacement boots kit from a nearby medical store. These kits have thermoplastic beads that are left in hot water till they are softened. Then you can shape the beads using your fingers. This pliable solid mass can be shaped to match the tooth and take its place. The thermoplastic properties allow the material to be shaped into the size of the nearby teeth, hence locking this artificial tooth in place. Temporary tooth replacement over the counter near me can be achieved with this method.

2. Removable Partial Dentures

Removable Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures are an option similar to dental implants used to replace missing teeth. While a complete set of dentures is made for all the teeth, removable partial dentures are designed for only a few missing teeth. These dentures are clasped in their accurate place, ensuring that these teeth replacements are kept in their appropriate spots. Removable partial dentures are a convenient option, are easy to repair and replace, and the application is simple with a metal clasp. Nevertheless, they can be uncomfortable and may need to be cleaned daily. These partial dentures are also not as natural as dental implants.

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3. Flipper

Flipper Tooth

A flipper tooth is like a temporary partial denture that can help with an instant smile temporary tooth. This partial denture can easily be flipped in and out of its actual position. A flipper does not depend on any surrounding teeth and also doesn’t use any metal clasps. This tends to be a painless and cheap option to replace a missing tooth. Moreover, a flipper is lighter in contrast to other partial dentures. It can be a convenient temporary replacement for temporary teeth you can eat with until you find a more permanent option.

4. Orthodontic Wax

Orthodontic Wax

If you have a missing tooth and cannot get to the dentist, your nearest local medical store is most likely to have orthodontic wax. While this isn’t a permanent solution, orthodontic wax can be used to fill the shape of the missing tooth. This wax is sticky and will stick to the nearby teeth. After it gains its shape, you can refine the shape further using a wooden skewer or toothpick. Nevertheless, this is a very short-term, temporary solution, only till you can make a dentist’s visit. Orthodontic wax can easily be affected by temperature changes when eating or drinking.

5. Immediate Dentures

What is temporary replacement teeth?

In severer situations where there are multiple missing or broken teeth, your teeth may not accept a partial denture. In this case, the dentist may recommend removing the surrounding teeth and using an immediate denture. After the tooth extraction, the immediate denture can be applied. But this is only a temporary tooth replacement method. The underlying bone and the gum tissue will shrink over time and cause disturb the positioning of the temporary denture. This denture should be replaced within 8 to 12 months of use.


If you have a missing or broken tooth, there are multiple temporary tooth replacement options out there on the market. We have covered most of these options in the article above. Your dentist may advise you regarding what option could go best for your teeth. While these teeth replacement options can help you temporarily fix the issue, they are never a long-lasting or permanent solution. Over time, you will have to go for a permanent fix. For a permanent solution to the problem, you’ll have to consult your dentist for the options of permanent restorative solutions for your missing teeth. Your dentist may recommend permanent solutions like using dental implants.


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