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what not to do after getting a filling

Dentist, Toothache, Cavity, Filling ….

These words can scare anyone, no matter how old or young are you. Ironically these words mostly come together. As cavity causes toothache, The solutionist is a Dentist, and the solution is Dental filling. But we always are scared of what not to do after getting a filling?

What is teeth Filling? 

Teeth filling is prevalent in dental processes, and undoubtedly, it’s very effective. In easy words, Filling is the process of stuffing an empty hole in a tooth. It helps a damaged tooth to heal and prevents further dangerous infections.  

Teeth fillings
Natural-looking dental filling before and after series.

What brings us to teeth filling?

Cavity. Cavity means a hole in our tooth, This is also known as tooth decay. Cavities are caused by our mouth bacteria and lack of cleanliness. 

To fill this hole/cavity, we have to get a filling, or else gradually, the hole gets deeper and can cause severe infection. These empty holes can reach near the nerves, which is very dangerous. So, avoid all of this; filling is the only way. And following are some tips on what not to do after getting a filling.  

What not to do after a filling: 

   We should be cautious about many aspects after getting a filling. One cannot be careless about it. It should be taken care of. These are a few things we should keep in mind that what not to do after getting a filling:  

When can I eat after dental filling?

1. Do not take hot food or beverages: 

We all know how painful filling processes are. A dentist has to numb the area before treating it so that you don’t feel the pain during filling. You cannot do this without the use of anesthesia. 

The numbness doesn’t go that go quickly after the treatment. This is why you should not drink hot beverages or eat piping hot food after getting filling. Your mouth cannot determine the temperature of the food or drink you are having; you may burn your mouth this way. 

Having hot beverages and hot food is a potential point that falls in not doing after a filling. 

2. Don’t eat hard and chewy food: 

The metal fillings are complex, but obviously, their placement can be sensitive. There is no difficulty in chewing sticky or hard food after filling, but most dentists suggest their patients avoid hard and chewy food as much as possible for 1 to 2 weeks. 2 weeks are ideal. 

Naturally, one finds it difficult to avoid their favorite for days, but you need to do well to keep your filling stable. Count not eating hard and chewy food in what not to do after a filling list. 

3. Do not touch the filling: 

Take it as a caution: DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FILLING. It is not safe to touch your filling area even after weeks. This is commonly seen that people usually get curious and start connecting the filling area, especially right after the surgery, to feel the numbness.  

People usually touch it with their tongue or finger, and it is wrong in so many ways: 

If you touch it with your finger, Your finger can spread germs in that specific filling area which is already fighting to avoid further infections. Moreover, it can slightly displace it, which can be very troublesome. 

Touching it by your tongue is equally bad not only for your filling but for your tongue. It can give rashes on the tongue, and as I mentioned above, displacing the filling even a little can cause a lot. Keep, don’t touch your fill at the top of the list in the list of what not to do after a filling. 

4. Don’t stop brushing or flossing: 

Some people think it’s not okay to brush or floss because they recently had filling. No, Kindly don’t do this as it’s not valid and healthy. 

Brushing your teeth has nothing to do with your filling. Yes, it is acceptable to be a little extra careful while touching that filling side of your mouth. You can be gentler there but not brushing your teeth at all is a horrible idea. It will only cause more bacteria. 

Skipping your brush and floss routine is a big what not to do after a filling. 

What to do after filling

5. Don’t grind your teeth: 

Grinding teeth is not a good habit, especially after getting a filling. 

Grinding teeth weakens your teeth, and sometimes it can cause headaches too. It can harm your filling. After getting a filling, You should altogether avoid grinding your teeth. 

6. Don’t avoid extensive pain or irritation: 

It is obvious and natural to feel pain for a few days after filling. In some cases, pain can be pro-longed, but most people ignore that, thinking it’s natural. 

This is another what not to do after getting a filling. 

If you feel any extensive pain after the filling, you should always consult your dentist about it. It is not wise to ignore it. 


Going through any dental surgery can be frightening. To avoid going through them, we have to maintain a healthy routine for teeth. A healthy practice for teeth includes:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day.
  • Flossing them.
  • Using an anti-bacterial mouth wash.

Keeping a regular check on your teeth helps a lot too. It helps to diagnose early cavities. It would help if you visited a dentist once in a few months to get a regular checkup. 

Anyhow, once you know that you have ended up having cavities, you must go for filling right away to prevent any further damages. 

Getting a filling is not the only thing but taking care of it is essential. There are many mistakes we make after getting a filling. One should always keep in mind and follow, What not to do after getting a filling. 

If you plan to get a filling soon, I suggest you follow these don’ts mentioned above. They say; it’s wiser to be careful than regret later. May you take care of your teeth and keep smiling brightly. 

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