What To Do If You Have Sore Roof of Mouth behind Front Teeth?

Sore Roof of Mouth behind Front Teeth

What are these Sores and Causes?

Mouth sores are a common condition, and everyone encounters them at some point in life. They are likely to appear on any of the soft tissue areas of your mouth, but the roof of your mouth is also a common area. It is likely to be painful and appear to be red, itchy, tender, or swollen. There are multiple reasons as to why you have a sore roof of mouth behind front teeth.

What To Do If You Have Sore Roof of Mouth behind Front Teeth

  • Injury to the internal cavity due to harsh teeth brushing, braces, dentures, dental work, or even sports accidents.
  • Acidic food such as citric food is also likely to cause mouth ulcers or cankers.
  • Sensitivity towards certain food and allergies.
  • Drugs, emotional stress, smoking.
  • Immune or hormonal disorder.

Natural Home Remedies for Dealing with these Sores?

In most cases, these sores are likely to heal themselves without any need for certain treatments and cure, but also. It is really easy to deal with these sores at home via home remedies. You can follow certain steps to avoid pain, boost the healing process, and make them go and deal with burning in the roof of the mouth.

What To Do If You Have Sore Roof of Mouth behind Front Teeth

  1. Alum powder made of potassium aluminum sulfate; it is often used to preserve food and pickles. But its properties are very beneficial to deal with canker sores as well. Just make a paste by adding drops of water to the powder and dab it on the sore. Rinse your mouth after a few minutes, and the process shall be repeated until the sore is gone.
  2. Saltwater rinse, although rinsing the mouth with salt water, can be painful for the sore itself, but it is the go-to remedy for sores. Dissolve salt in warm water. Swirl the solution around your mouth before rinsing it. Repeat the steps after every few hours for better results and, if necessary.
  3. Baking soda rinse not only restores the pH balance and even reduces inflammation, which is very significant for the canker healing process. The steps taken for this remedy are similar to saltwater rinse, dissolving it water and swirling the solution around the mouth.
  4. Hydrogen peroxide is helpful in cleaning the sore and removing the bacteria around your mouth. Dilute hydrogen peroxide in water. The ratio of the solution 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide solution to equal parts of water. Use a cotton ball to apply the solution directly on the sore by dipping it in the solution.
  5. Brushing your teeth gently can also help in healing. Brush gently by using some soft brush and a toothpaste that is free of foaming agent.

When to see a Doctor?

It is unlikely that you will need to see a doctor for the sake of a sore. However, there are still chances of certain situations that require a call for a doctor. That is when the sore size is a lot larger than what a normal sore would look like, or you have multiple sores at a time in your mouth.

You can even call a doctor because your sore hasn’t healed in a period of 2 weeks, and new sores are arising at the same time because that can be difficult to handle.

In case the sore comes with extreme pain accompanied by a fever and is making your eating and swallowing process intolerable, then a doctor is also necessary. The doctor will suggest certain medications and the suitable food to eat in this condition.

Questions that a doctor may ask you

  1. What were the symptoms?
  2. What were your previous medical conditions?
  3. What medicines you were taking previously.

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