Why Dentists Need To Know About Digital Marketing

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Marketing is a top priority for any business that wishes to excel in this competitive world of marketization. There are a number of different platforms that can be effectively used in marketing products as well as services. With the rapid growth of digital media, digital marketing has become the most effective method and there are plenty of reasons why dentists must market their services with this platform.

More than 3.5 billion searches are made on Google daily and there is no reason to believe that this is not a place where people look for dentists in their community. Relying on traditional marketing alone is no longer enough to get sufficient publicity to succeed. Let’s look at several reasons why dentists need to use digital marketing

  1.   Digital marketing brings quicker results than traditional marketing strategies.

If you are currently investing your marketing budget on traditional marketing techniques, it does not mean that your money is going to waste but the process is certainly much slower than it could be with digital marketing. In offline advertising like in newspapers, the problem is that while you may be increasing your brand awareness, you might not attract many new patients. This is so because, through offline advertising, you are approaching people who are not currently searching for dentists. Only a small portion may actually be looking for a dentist at that time.

On the other hand, with digital marketing, you are targeting exactly those people who are looking up dentists at the moment. With Dentist SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the content that you are using to market your product, your content will be more likely to show up when someone looks up something related to dentists on search engines. Search engine optimization is a crucial component of digital marketing and you may benefit from working with an SEO provider.

  1.   Digital marketing reaches a relevant target audience

Digital marketing allows you to tailor your messages for specific audiences because you know only the relevant audience will be receiving it. With traditional marketing strategies, your message will be reaching even those who are not currently in search of dentists, your regular patients, your former patients, those who seek no medical aid at all, and many more irrelevant people.

With digital marketing, you can pinpoint your target marketing and thereby increase your customers. You can target potential, current or former patients with separate messages.

  1.   With digital marketing, you can help get and nurture leads

There are a number of people looking for general information about dental procedures for the purpose of any future requirement of dental assistance. They may not be looking forward to booking an appointment right then but would be searching for answers to their questions. You can make targeted content on your website for these people in particular. For instance, you can make a general guide explaining your methods of practicing teeth whitening services.

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When you post such content, someone looking for general information on certain dental procedures like teeth whitening procedures would end up on your website. If he finds the information useful, he will have a positive first impression of your dental services. If some discount appeals to the reader and he applies for it, you will get his email address and establish a new lead!

  1.   Email marketing

With your established customers or new leads that have been established, you can contact the potential customers through email directly. By maintaining communication via emails, you can ensure that your services are the first they seek when they are in search of a dentist. In basic email marketing, the email addresses of all your leads will be stored in a mailing list that can be used to send emails simultaneously to everyone on it. With email marketing, you can also use automated marketing. In automated marketing, you devise a series of messages designed specifically for a certain type of audience.

The marketing automation platform will send the messages automatically at specified intervals like in response to filling a form. With this type of email marketing, you can target your audience with customized messages at specified times when the message will be most effective. For instance, a message can be tailored for customers who opened your teeth whitening pamphlet.

  1.   Online marketing is less expensive

In dental practices, you usually are required to manage your budget very wisely. The cost you can invest in marketing is a determining factor so you must keep that in mind. Research has proven that inbound leads are 49% less expensive than outbound leads. Inbound marketing is where you engage your potential patients in the content produced by you and lead them to your business. Outbound marketing, on the other hand, is competing with other businesses and seeking out customers. So, practices like sending direct emails are more costly because of the costs of printing, posting, and designing, than email marketing. Therefore, digital marketing is a better alternative to dental marketing.

  1.   Digital marketing allows you to keep a track of your success rates

With traditional marketing techniques, there is no way of knowing whether your approach is a success or not as you cannot know how many people have actually read the advertisement. As a result, there is no way of gauging the effectiveness of your strategies. With digital marketing, on the other hand, it is very easy to monitor your success rate as the statistics regarding page visits are easily generated. You can also know their referral source and even the device they used to access the advertisement.

It is, therefore, obvious that digital marketing is a much better option for dentists than traditional marketing methods.  However, the process can be very tricky and you must be skilled to make good use of this method. An alternate and safer route is to seek the aid of an experienced dental marketing agency that can help you enhance your online presence. Marketing is a crucial step in any business so one must invest in it wisely.



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