Why do people go to Turkey for their Teeth/Dentistry?

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Why do people go to Turkey for their Teeth/Dentistry?

Are you thinking of a country for your dental care? Well, I would recommend you to visit Turkey. Are you thinking that why only Turkey? Well, I am going to give you some convincing reasons why Turkey is the international powerhouse when it comes to performing dental procedures and other dental implants.

 Dentistry is one of the considerate areas of our health that must be taken care of at every cost. There are many factors that people consider before starting their dental procedure.

 These factors comprise reasonable cost, effective procedure, and long-lasting treatment without having any compromise on quality and final results.

 Turkey is the leading country in all these aspects all over Europe.

 The high costs of western European countries are the main factor that pushes people to go to eastern Europe, especially Turkey when it comes to dentistry.

 Our article will discuss the areas which make turkey a good option compared to other countries in dentistry. Then we will discuss some FAQs and end our discussion with a wrap-up note.

Turkey a leading country in terms of dentistry

 Which factors make Turkey a leading country in terms of dentistry?

 1- FACTOR #1- Highly affordable in terms of price:

 Affordability is the very first factor that comes into the mind of a patient when it comes to treatment.

As compared to its world countries in western Europe, Turkey is the most affordable country that provides dental treatment at moderate prices and is of good quality.

 People coming from the UK will find relief of 70% on dental procedures in Turkey as compared to their homeland.

However, people coming from France, Germany, and other western European countries will also find dental treatment in Turkey comparatively cheaper.

 Suppose you choose turkey as your dental holiday spot. In that case, the money that you saved on the dental procedure can be diverted towards other dental cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, and even dentures.

 2- FACTOR #2- Best dental procedures:

 The dental clinics in Turkey are well equipped with modern equipment and the latest technology, which makes Turkey at the forefront of dentistry. Each type of equipment required for the dental procedure is available in hospitals.

 Moreover, the hospitals are approved by the ministry of health, built and maintained to a certain set of standards which in turn improves the health services and care quality of the dental health system.

3- FACTOR #3- Best dental treatment:

 Turkey is well-renowned for its best dental treatment. It not only provides international clients with basic dental treatment but also equips them with cosmetic dental treatments.

Cosmetic treatments comprise crowning, whitening, braces, cleaning, and many others. These complementaries yet affordable prices put Turkey at the forefront whenever it comes to the option of choosing a place for dentistry.

 4- FACTOR #4- Best dentists in terms of specialization:

 Another reason for choosing Turkey in terms of dental care is the dentists. Many dentists in Turkey are professionals because of their specialization in their particular field for several years.

 Hence, clients who want to get themselves treated by top-notch dentists choose turkey as their dental care place.


Why are implants cheaper in Turkey?

The prices for all dental procedures are considerably affordable in Turkey. Even branded procedures for dental care like All-on-4 dental implants are expensive in the whole of Europe. However, in Turkey, you are inclined to get the same set of procedures at a lower cost.

One benefit of getting them at a lower cost is the currency exchange rate. The value of the Turkish currency lira is less than that of the sterling pound or the US dollar, which makes dental procedures comparatively cheaper.

 Another reason for cheaper dental treatment is that insurance, wages, lab fees, and rent are also lower in Turkey than in the UK and the US.

teeth in Turkey

How much is a full set of teeth in Turkey?

 You will be surprised to know how affordable a full set of teeth is in Turkey.

 One full set of veneers contains 20 units and here are the prices:

  • Zirconium full veneers price: £160/ €190/ $215.
  • Full set zirconia crowns will roughly be £3200/ €3500/ $4300 before any kind of discount.
  • Laminate veneers price: £215/ €225 $290 per tooth

On the other hand, full mouth dental implant prices are between $6000-$10000 in Turkey.

A thorough article on the cost of all dental implants in Turkey can be found here.

 How long do dental implants take in Turkey?

 Conventional dental implants in Turkey take from 3 months to 1 year. The first phase normally takes 8 to 10 days, and the second phase takes 7 days.

 If the patient’s jawbone is suitable, it becomes easier for the dentist to perform a dental procedure. A suitable jawbone allows the first phase to be completed in a period of only 24 hours.

Which places are recommended to go for dentistry in Turkey?

 Although Turkey as a country is well-renowned for dentistry and dental treatment, Turkey, is two places that are highly recommended for dental treatments. The first one is in Antalya while the second one is in Istanbul.

 Both places are considered dental hubs if you come to Turkey for dentistry. Moreover, the natural beauty of these cities also provides a site for tourism apart from dentistry in free time.

Is it worth getting veneers in Turkey?

 Yes, getting veneers in Turkey is worth it not only in terms of affordability but also in areas of quality, dentists, technology, and equipment. Prices of treatment are 2 or 3 times lower when compared with dental treatments in the UK or the US.

 Wrap up:

 Our last word is that Turkey is the hotspot of dentistry all over Europe. People from all over Europe prefer going to Turkey to get dental treatments. Specialized dentists, good equipment, and the latest technology make Turkey a leading country in getting dental treatments. Moderate prices are the one significant factor that has put turkey in dentistry supremacy. Antalya and Istanbul are further recommended spots to go for when you arrive in Turkey for dental treatment.


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