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Why Orthodontic Treatment is Important: Normal alignment of teeth not only contributes to the oral health but also goes a long way in overall well being and personality of an individual, correct tooth position is an important factor for esthetic, functions and for overall preservation or restoration of dental health.

While most malocclusions abnormal alignment of teeth may not adversely affect the health of an adversely affect the health person.they are capable of producing undesirable functional and aesthetic imbalance.

Why Orthodontic Treatment is ImportantWhy Orthodontic Treatment is Important

Following are some of the unfavorable problems of the misalignment teeth or crooked teeth.

Poor facial appearance

Crooked teeth are capable of adversely affecting the facial appearance of an individual.

Risk of caries

Misalignment of teeth makes oral hygiene maintenance a difficult task, thereby increasing the risk of caries.it may also reduce the potential of natural teeth cleaning thereby the risk of decay,

Leading to major gums problems

Malalignment of teeth associated with poor oral hygiene is a frequent cause of gums or gingival diseases.

In addition, teeth that are placed in an abnormal position can be a cause for traumatic grinding of teeth with resulting gums tissue damage.

what causes crowded teeth?

crowding teeth can cause one or more teeth being squeezed from both sides resulting in less bone support and difficult to maintain oral hygiene, a traumatic overbite can also lead to increased the loss of tooth support from bone and gums, their orthodontic treatment is a necessary

psychological disturbance

Crooked teeth, abnormal alignment of teeth that adversely affects the appearance of a person leads to psychological disturbance. the unsightly appearance of teeth makes a person highly self-conscious and turns him into an introvert, this treatment of misalignment of teeth is such persons helps in improving the mental well being and confidence

Risk of trauma Orthodontic Treatment

Teeth that severely go more anterior from the normal region. It is at a high risk of injury especially during play or by an accidental fall.

Abnormalities of functions

Many crooked teeth cause abnormality in the functioning of the mastication during eating. Such as improper swallowing of food deglutition. Defects in speech improper respiration, etc.

Temporomandibular joint problems or jaw bone problems

malalignment of teeth associated with forceful and deep bites are believed to cause TMJ problems such as pain in and dysfunction in the jaw bone.


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