Why Wisdom Tooth Causes Pain?

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wisdom tooth pain

Maybe many times you have wondered why the wisdom teeth cause so much discomfort when leaving maybe you are going through that unpleasant moment in which you suffer pain would you like to know.

Why does the wisdom tooth hurt? Then I invite you to continue reading this article so that you can understand what you are living, the wisdom teeth are those that tend to develop in adolescence between seventeen and twenty-five years of age, so they are the last to come out and come mostly accompanied by different discomforts such as pain that can become a problem of health.

Undoubtedly, it is difficult to understand why wisdom teeth hurt when it is a natural process of the organism, right? but that on many occasions it can become a nightmare for some people who suffer from wisdom teeth pain.

Why Wisdom Tooth Causes Pain?

When wisdom teeth develop it is quite common to cause pain, this can be due to several causes that are normal and usually end as soon as the tooth erupts, the problem really occurs when this continues for a long time and becomes a great annoyance. even unbearable.

It is normal to be sprouting wisdom teeth you can experience some ailments, but you should not trust this, because there may be some abnormality in this process that may be causing intense pain, so here you will know the causes of pain in the molars of the trial, so that you are attentive to any possible aesthetic and health problem. One of the causes for which wisdom teeth hurt is what is called impacted tooth, which usually occurs when there is not enough space for the wheel to leave adequately generating many discomforts, this condition makes a strong pressure on the rest of the teeth which generates intense pain.

Why Wisdom Tooth Causes Pain

When this situation arises in which the wisdom tooth is trapped, it can happen that only a part of it can emerge which affects the position of the tooth, being trapped by affecting the tooth that is in front of it. inflamed gums and causes pain, in this case, it is advisable to consult with the specialist.

Beware of dental infection – How to avoid it?

Why Wisdom Tooth Causes Pain?

Usually when a tooth has a symptom of pain it is possible that it is suffering an infection, the truth is those wisdom teeth when they are developing are usually prone to generate bacteria due to the position in which they are in which it is difficult to perform a correct brushed, so you should take good care of your oral hygiene.

According to the above in the wisdom teeth can be deposited residues of food consumed that when decomposed can generate bacteria that cause inflammation that then gives rise to the infection, which should be treated as soon as possible to avoid other complications that can be a big problem.


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